Motorcycle Intercom: Practical Guide for Your First Trip

28 April 2023

Let's say it openly: motorcycle traveling is one of life's most exciting experiences.

Only a motorcycle allows you to approach the journey as a true adventure, savoring every meter traveled and enjoying the landscape, something that a trip inside a cabin does not allow you to do.

Whether you choose to travel solo or instead as a couple or in a group, there are some accessories you won't be able to do without: first and foremost, the intercom.

Motorcycle intercoms are not only helpful in communicating with other bikers or with passengers, but they are also essential for listening to music, receiving directions from the GPS, or making phone calls.

If it's your first time approaching the world of intercoms, you may be wondering which models are most suitable for your needs, what features distinguish a good intercom, and especially how it works.

But before sharing our tips with you, we want to tell you a couple of things about the history of motorcycle intercoms.

It was 2006 when Midland launched the iconic Intercom BT, among the first Bluetooth intercoms in the world for rider-passenger communication, which revolutionized communication while in motion.

Just two years later, in 2008, the BT1, BT2, and BT Single models were commercialized. The BT2, in particular, was the first intercom for motorcycle-to-motorcycle communication over a distance.

From 2006 to today, at Midland, we have created over 20 models to meet any need: entry-level, motorcycle-to-motorcycle communications, rider-passenger communication, group communications, and much more.

In this practical guide, we want to share with you all our experience and a series of practical tips to approach your next motorcycle trip with the best accessories.

How does the motorcycle intercom work?

The intercom is your best travel companion for a long list of reasons:

  • It simplifies your life;

  • It allows you to manage communications easily while keeping your attention on the road;

  • It keeps you company;

  • It allows you to stay connected with your travel companions;

The riding experience is taken to a higher level.

This small but useful and effective tool contributes to ensuring greater safety on the road.

How do intercoms work?

Intercom uses Bluetooth technology to connect with other devices, whether they are other intercoms, GPS navigators, or smartphones. Without the use of wires, Bluetooth technology allows the device to connect, leaving the rider completely free to focus on the road. Bluetooth for motorcycles is thus a very simple system that ensures always-open communication with other riders or with the passenger, or to open and close conversations if they are phone calls.

A fundamental element of the intercom is the earphones, which must guarantee excellent audio quality, in order to have clear, crisp sounds and easily understandable voice.

Every Midland intercom can be configured through the BTPRO SetUP app (available for both iOS and Android), which allows for customization in a simple way.

The app allows you to manage all the settings of the intercom:

  • Adjustment of all volumes

  • Adjustment of the sensitivity of the voice activation (VOX)

  • Pairing with other intercoms, Midland, or of any brand

  • Tuning of FM radio stations

  • Access to digital radios from all countries around the world

How to choose a motorcycle intercom?

Now let's talk about how to choose the intercom that suits your needs.

The first thing to do is to evaluate a series of elements that characterize your habits while riding. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before buying your intercom:

  • What type of helmet do I use?

  • What am I looking for in an intercom: something simple to listen to music or GPS while traveling?

  • Do I travel solo or with a passenger?

  • Do I travel in a group with my friends? If so, how many of us usually travel together?

  • What is the distance I want to be connected to?

Choosing a universal intercom ensures the freedom to choose the helmet you prefer for performance or design, and not to force your travel companions to choose the same helmet as you.

Based on your needs, whether it is listening to music, connecting to GPS, making phone calls, or communicating with other people while traveling, there are different models available. Some allow you to perform all these activities, while others only allow you to perform some.

Another key element to consider is whether you travel solo or with a passenger, in the latter case, an intercom that communicates rider-passenger can be useful. If you travel with a group of friends, it is useful to opt for a motorcycle intercom for groups (consider the number of people you travel with and the distance you want to be connected to).

In your choice, you can also evaluate whether to purchase a single or double motorcycle intercom.

Motorcycle-to-motorcycle communication


Motorcycle-to-motorcycle communications allow you to communicate with other motorcyclists traveling with you. The ideal model for this need is the BTR1 Advanced, which allows one-to-one Intercom communication or conference mode for up to 4 people and up to a distance of 1.2 km. It is equipped with a digital filter that guarantees wind and engine noise reduction by up to 80%, resulting in clean sound.

One of its strengths is its long battery life: up to 23 hours. Additionally, it is compatible with all smartphones, GPS navigators, and with all TFT systems from motorcycle manufacturers.

It can connect with 2 smartphones and has automatic volume adjustment based on external noise for exceptional riding comfort.

Group communication

If you travel with larger groups and need to cover long distances, the Rush RCF model, which combines Mesh and Bluetooth technology, is ideal: it allows you to enter and exit conversations freely and simultaneously, up to 10 people, thanks to Mesh Conference and Mesh Dynamic Repeat technologies, up to 3.5 km. Another solution is the BTX2 Pro S LR, which thanks to its dual Bluetooth processor "doubles" the power: it guarantees a range of up to 1.6 km and communication between 8 people in conference mode or between 6 people in one-to-one mode. The dual chipset allows for two simultaneous stereo connections to remain open: you can not only communicate with other travelers but also simultaneously share GPS directions and listen to the same music playlist.

Rider-passenger communication


If you are instead looking for a solution for rider-passenger communication, the BTX 1 Pro model is perfect for you. It can connect up to 2 smartphones, and store 6 radio stations. It allows for one-to-one communication for up to 3 people and covers a distance of 300 meters, making it perfect for communicating with your travel companion.

Practical advices for your next motorcycle trip

After choosing your intercom, all that's left is to prepare everything you need for your trip and enjoy the road. But before you leave, there are some useful tips we want to share with you.

If you will use the intercom to listen to music or the radio, prepare your playlist in advance and program the radio channels you want to listen to using the BTPRO SetUP app.

Remember to download all available software updates for your motorcycle intercom, install it correctly on the helmet, and perform an audio check.

Above all, remember to charge the battery before leaving: Midland intercoms have excellent battery life (up to 23 hours), but if you are going on a multi-day trip, remember to bring the charger with you!

You can find more useful tips in our guide to your travels with Midland intercoms!

Now all you have to do is get on your bike and enjoy the next curves!