Motorcycle trip? 8 things to know before traveling with your Midland intercom

8 July 2022
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Are you about to leave for your next motorcycle trip? Would you like to make the most of the potential of your Midland intercom? Follow these 8 tips and get ready! Music, navigator, chat and direct connection with your companions... you just have to enjoy the trip!

1. Remember to update your intercom

In order to have all the features available and be sure that your intercom works perfectly during the tour, update the device before departure.

In order to update the intercom, it is necessary to download the BT Updater software. Connect the intercom to the computer, BT Updater will notify you when new updates are available. Once your intercom has been updated, it will not be necessary to restore the previously set pairings.

Download software

2. Download BT Pro Set App and set up the intercom

BT Pro Set App is the application that allows you configure the intercom quickly, without the support of a computer. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, you can adjust the switching on, off and sensitivity of the functions.

Within the app you will also find direct access to our support page where you can find the manual and the quick installation guide. 

Here's everything you can do with the app:

  • Adjusting VOX sensitivity

  • Enable/Disable the background function for connecting wired devices (option not present on the S Series, which no longer has a wired socket)

  • Automatic volume control adjustment (AGC)

  • Turn on/off and adjust the sensitivity of the Stop Emergency Light (option not present on the S series, which no longer has the Stop Emergency Light)

  • Storing phone numbers to activate the quick call 

  • Adjustment of 6 FM radio stations and RDS function

  • Treble, mids and bass adjustments to improve the audio quality of intercom, music and FM radio

  • Adjusting all volumes

Don't forget to select your bike type for optimal performance.

Download the app for Android

Download the app for iOS

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3. Access digital radio

One of the novelties of 2022 is the “Digital Radio” section within the BT Pro Set App. Once you have connected the intercom to the app, go to the section and choose your favorite radio station.

Can't find your favorite station? Are you looking for a particular musical genre? Search for radio stations by entering your location or country and filter the results according to your favorite genre. Add radio stations to your favorites list and listen to live streaming music during your trip.

If you usually use other applications during the trip, such as the navigator, you won't have to stop the radio because it will be possible to listen to it in “backgroundmode.

Download the app for Android

Download the app for iOS

4. Use the BT Talk App

If you love to have a chat with someone who shares the same passion as you, download the BT Talk App and create your own group of biker friends.

Thanks to this application you can talk without distance limits with an infinite number of users and create as many groups as you want. Activate the notification that notifies you when you are invited to join a group. If you want to find someone to share the itinerary with, you can coordinate your route with other motorcyclists by finding them on the map.

BT Talk is compatible with any brand of intercom!

Click here and download the BT Talk App.

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5. Check the helmet wiring and do the audio check

It is necessary to verify the correct functioning of the audio to ensure that the intercom works at its best.

Put your helmet on and check that the microphone is exactly in front of your mouth. If the microphone is not exactly in front of your mouth, use the spare double-sided adhesive available in the package and install the microphone again. 

Put your helmet on again and make sure that the center of the speaker is exactly in front of your ear. If the speaker is not centered, remove the helmet and repeat the fixing step using the spare double-sided adhesive available in the package. 

If the speaker is far from your ear, the sound will be distorted and the low frequencies will be perceived minimally.

Connect the intercom and check how the audio works.

6. Watch the tutorials on Youtube 

If you have any doubts about how to combine two intercoms, your navigator or mobile phone watch our tutorials on Youtube. Within this playlist, you will also find tutorials about how to set up the intercom via the BT Pro Set APP, how to use the BT Talk App and how to pair the motorcycle's TFT.

7. Look for your intercom on the official website

Before leaving, remember to look for your intercom model on our website. Within the product sheet you will also find direct access to accessories, spare parts, manual and pocket guide. Finally, you will also find the software to download for updating the intercom (BT Updater).

Once you are on the product sheet, remember to register your product to stay updated on the latest news.

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8. Charge the intercom and enjoy the trip

Last but not least, remember to charge the intercom before departure.

During the journey, listen to your favorite playlist, chat with your companions, follow the directions of the navigator, capture the most beautiful views and become part of our community tagging us on Instagram or Facebook!

Don't miss the opportunity to become part of the Midland bikers!