MA31-M Radios Microphone 2 Pin Motorola

Code: C732.06

MA 31 M features a clear, pneumatic (air-driven) earpiece, which is not easily visible. It is a discreet accessory for those wishing to use it without drawing attention. Connected to an audio transducer that transmits sound directly into the ear, this earpiece has a silicone tip to ensure comfort during extended use. Ideal in environments where sound clarity is prioritized over ambient noise. It has two rotating clips for attachment: one for the PTT button and the other for the transducer. Characterized by a screw jack connection, the MA-25M earpiece features a design that integrates the microphone directly with the radio, eliminating the risk of disconnection. Thanks to this innovative solution, water ingress is prevented, ensuring reliable performance even in damp environments.

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MA31-M Radios Microphone 2 Pin Motorola
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