Working in a group? How to choose the best walkie talkies

13 April 2023

Walkie-talkies are very useful devices for those who work in groups because they allow communication over distances. Whether it's small workgroups or larger ones, using walkie-talkies has numerous advantages, including:

  • Time-saving;

  • Increased safety;

  • More efficient communication;

  • Better work efficiency.

Choosing the right radio transmitter for workgroups, however, is not always easy because there are many models, and above all, they differ based on the needs of those who use them.

For example, if you practice outdoor activities, you will need to use walkie-talkies that are resistant to weather conditions (humidity, dew) and that guarantee long-distance communication. If, on the other hand, you are looking for walkie-talkies for workgroups, based on your industry, you will need to use an effective, robust, and, if necessary, aesthetically pleasing radio.

We at Midland know this well, and that's why for over 60 years we have been designing and producing products that make communication easier in any environment, even the most extreme ones.

Now let's take a look at the fundamental features of a walkie-talkie and the requirements for each sector!

Technical Features of a Great Walkie Talkie


It all starts with a concept: communication should be a simple and accessible activity for everyone. For this reason, the first features that a transceiver must have are ease of use and reliability.

When it comes to technical features, when you are in the process of choosing the best walkie-talkie for your workgroup, it is important to evaluate a series of technical parameters, including:

  • frequency band, which identifies the type of radio and must be common to all radio devices in use in that group of people;

  • product quality in relation to its frequency and power, because it determines the range and coverage of the signal. Entry-level radios start from a few kilometers and go up to several tens of kilometers for radios;

  • number of channels, to better organize communication: for example, channel 1 for all-to-all communications, channel 2 for communication between specific people;

  • the presence of the "automatic power save" function to optimize battery consumption;

  • the side tone functionality that allows you to mute the annoying noise at the end of transmission when releasing the PTT;

  • functionality for emergency calls and the ability to dedicate a channel to emergencies.

Each transceiver model may or may not meet these characteristics, and it is for this reason that it is essential to carefully evaluate the intended use.

In general, it is important to know that choosing a walkie-talkie for your workgroup allows you to overcome some of the problems that are typical of professional communication:

  • they are resistant, they do not fear impacts and especially they do not fear temperatures (high or low);

  • The signal never fails and they do not have dead zones, as it happens instead for cell phones;

  • They guarantee greater safety because they allow you to stay in direct contact with people and in some contexts, this protects and saves lives;

  • It is not necessary to know the phone numbers of the interlocutors, communication is very fast, just press the PTT button.

Walkie-Talkies for Construction Work


Professionals working in construction, as well as in roadworks, warehouses, or logistics in general, require transceivers that are resistant, allow communication between large groups of people, and are easy to use. In this context, transceivers are also very important for giving instructions and managing situations that have a strong impact on the safety of workers.

Walkie-talkies for construction sites or in general work sites must have a package of essential functions, a simple and compact design, as well as a battery that allows for a long duration.

Usually, radios are charged once a day and must ensure excellent energy savings.

There are also some accessories that are very useful, such as the belt clip, so that each team member can use both hands freely when not communicating.

Walkie-Talkies for Commercial Activities


Teams working in commercial activities have different needs. For this reason, it is important to choose carefully whether you need a walkie-talkie for a shop, a walkie-talkie for catering, or a walkie-talkie for hotels.

In this case, work groups are often smaller, so there is no need for a large number of channels or many devices.

In addition, a very useful accessory is the earpiece, which allows team members to communicate hands-free, optimizing work hours.

For catering, the use of radio allows for communication between customer reception and the kitchen or between waiters and the kitchen.

As for shops, radios are often used by salespeople to communicate with colleagues to stay updated on product availability.

Finally, for hotels, walkie-talkies can be very useful when it comes to structures with a large number of rooms, to start quick communication between reception, concierge, kitchen, and other areas of the structure.

Walkie-talkies for events


Are you planning an event or thinking about organizing one? Walkie-talkies for events are among the most commonly used devices. The reason is simple: it's almost impossible to organize an event without a two-way radio.

If the event team consists of multiple people and the event takes place in a location that is not a single environment, the use of a walkie-talkie is essential. This is because every team member must always be aligned with their colleagues, but above all, they need to exchange information quickly and efficiently. Without the use of these devices, the entire event organization can encounter numerous difficulties.

This also applies to the trade fair sector. Walkie-talkies for trade fairs can support the work of various personnel areas, from cashiers to security, passing through decorators, and those who welcome exhibitors.

Finally, walkie-talkies can also be very useful for event planning: the crowd, background noise, and the need to manage situations quickly make the use of radios indispensable.

Walkie-talkies for leisure


When you think of a workgroup, you immediately think of professional activities, but in reality, walkie-talkies are also useful for recreational activities.

Some examples?

If you play in a musical group, having a walkie-talkie that allows you to communicate with other members of the group, but also with the organizers of your concert, is vital.

Walkie-talkies are also used for sporting events: whether it's a marathon, motorsport, or team sport, the goal is always to communicate with members of your workgroup effectively and simply.

Have you ever thought about using walkie-talkies for group travel?

If you are a chaperone or a tour guide, using a two-way radio allows you to manage your group better.

If, on the other hand, you are on vacation with a group of friends or family, it can be fun as well as convenient to communicate with walkie-talkies, so you never lose contact with your travel companions and ensure maximum safety for all participants.

The Midland kit for workgroups with semi-professional walkie talkies


For all these needs, we have thought of solutions that can facilitate your communication on the move.

Among all our radios, the G10 Pro model is ideal for workgroups with its clean and compact design and is perfect for work environments, as well as leisure activities. It is a semi-professional walkie-talkie, therefore, it is a license-free two-way radio (PMR446), suitable for use on construction sites, on the road, and in other low-complexity environments.

The G10 Pro has a total of 32 channels, ensuring a low level of congestion. Its lithium battery guarantees a long battery life, but in addition to this, it is equipped with the Auto Save function, which allows for optimized power consumption.

The G10 Pro is the walkie-talkie designed specifically for workgroups that require an entry-level radio, and to facilitate your teamwork, we have created the Midland Team Work Kit with 2 or 4 two-way radios.

The Midland Team Work Kit 2 also includes earphones, and belt clips, and is ideal for small work teams. The Midland Team Work Kit 4, on the other hand, includes earphones, belt clips, and the Multi CA PB G13 desktop charger with 4 positions, designed to facilitate work for larger groups.

If you are looking for the ideal walkie-talkie for your workgroup, discover our Midland Team Work Kits and work without worries!