Walkie Talkies for Sports, Outdoor Professions, and Festivals: Which to Choose?

18 April 2024
Extreme Sports

Those who work outdoors, in the events sector, or engage in sports know the importance of optimizing communications with their team even in extreme situations.

Having tools that are resistant to water, dust, and that remain operational even in remote areas makes a difference.

In this case, walkie talkies prove to be indispensable tools because they allow you to never lose contact with colleagues, to communicate even in the absence of a network, and to have much more resistant tools compared to smartphones. In other words, they help to improve competitiveness, efficiency, and can generate considerable savings. 

Being able to communicate immediately, in addition to being useful, can in some cases be a real lifesaver, think for example of those who work in natural parks and spend most of their time in remote areas, or those who practice extreme sports and may encounter unforeseen events or injuries. 

With walkie talkies, you can focus on what matters, always having by your side a tool that literally simplifies your life.

Features of a Professional Use Walkie Talkie

The first thing you need to know is that not all walkie talkies are the same. There are various models that meet different needs, from entry-level to those you are looking for, for professional use.

The main features that a walkie talkie must have if it is not used for leisure, but for work or outdoor activities are:

  • Water resistance - you need to check that the IP rating is appropriate, for example, if it is IP67, it means that it is totally waterproof, while IPX3 is protected against rain;

  • Dust resistance - again, it is necessary to check the IP index which should be IP5X for dust residues and IP6X is completely protected from dust;

  • The presence of the Rete Radio Montana channel, for those who work or frequent high-altitude areas;

  • Shock resistance thanks to the presence of a robust frame;

  • Audio quality, this is particularly important for those who work in the events sector who need to communicate immediately with the team even in noisy situations.

Water Resistance: IP Protection Grades

Knowing the IP protection grades allows you to make an informed choice about the walkie talkie to purchase for your work.

The IP protection grades are composed of 2 numbers: the first refers to protection against solids, while the second to protection against liquids.

The higher the number, the greater the level of protection:

  • 2 - means that your walkie talkie is protected from falling water drops, such as the G7 Pro;

  • 3 - is protected from rain;

  • 4 - is protected from splashes, such as the XT50 Pro, XT70 Pro, G9 Pro, G13 models;

  • 5 - is protected from water jets;

  • 6 - is protected from waves;

  • 7 - is protected from temporary immersion for 30 minutes up to 1 meter deep, such as the G15 Pro and G18 Pro models;

  • 8 - is protected from permanent immersion for 1 hour at more than 1 meter. 

G15 pro Water.jpg

Which Walkie Talkies to Choose?

Now let's see which walkie talkies to choose based on the use you will make of them and therefore the needs of your activity.

Walkie Talkies for Events and Festivals

If you work in this sector, you know that being able to communicate with your team is of vital importance and the use of walkie talkies is indispensable. In this case, the features that a transceiver must have are resistance and audio quality, in addition to the possibility of using accessories such as earpieces, to have even cleaner audio.

The Midland G13 and G11 Pro walkie talkies are the most suitable choice. The G13 has 40 hours of autonomy, a water resistance grade of IPX4, and a sound response from a quality standard well above average.

The G11 Pro is developed specifically for the noisiest environments and guarantees communications with high-quality audio. To these, you can add the MA31 LK PRO accessories which include an earpiece and microphone, and MA25 LK, the rotating shoulder microphone (like that of the American police).

The Midland G13 kit, with MA31 LK PRO and MA25 LK, was used at the OMI Festival.

Omi Festival.jpg

Walkie Talkies for Hospitality Facilities

Those working in the hospitality sector, particularly in campgrounds and glamping sites, also need to be in constant contact with their team.

Managing large areas, the use of a walkie talkie enables the team to always stay connected, for example between the reception and operators.

In this case, the G10 Pro and G18 Pro walkie talkies are the ideal choice. The G10 Pro is a semi-professional radio with an automatic battery saving function, easy to use, and very durable.

The G18 Pro is for more extreme uses; it is a professional radio with military standards and can withstand any situation.

These walkie talkies are used by the team at Hu Norcenni Girasole Village.

Glamping 1.jpg

Walkie Talkies for Outdoor Professions

Those in outdoor professions, such as mountain guides or park rangers, know the vital importance of always being in contact with their colleagues, both to simplify work and in case of emergencies.

Walkie talkies for those who spend all day outdoors in any weather conditions must be not only reliable but also durable.

The ideal models are the Midland XT70 Pro and the G13.

The XT70 Pro has a range of 12 km, is rain-resistant (IPX4), and has the special Montana Radio Network channel.

The G13s have up to 40 hours of autonomy and are very simple to use.

These models of walkie talkies are used by the staff of the Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise National Park

Parco Abruzzo.jpg

Walkie Talkies for Extreme Sports

Those who engage in extreme sports also need reliable and immediate communication support. Some examples are kitesurfing, climbing, skiing, downhill, recreational or sport flying, or airsoft.

In this case, the watchword is durability and waterproofing. For kitesurfing, it must be totally waterproof, while for climbing, it needs to be resistant to rain and dust.

For some of these activities, such as airsoft, climbing, or hiking, the G7 Pro model is the ideal choice. Available in various colors (including a camouflage version), it has a talk time of 3 hours and a standby time of 28 hours, and finally, a range of 10 km.

For sports that involve temporary immersion, such as kitesurfing, the models to choose are the G18 Pro and G15 Pro, both IP67 (can stay submerged up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes).

If you need a walkie talkie that only needs to be splash-resistant, you have various options, including the G13, the G9 Pro, the XT70 Pro, and the XT50 Pro.

Whatever your job or your passion, Midland is always by your side!