Midland supports the Abruzzo National Park with a walkie-talkie supply

22 February 2022
Parco Nazionale Abruzzo

We are proud to announce the new collaboration with the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park which has started at the beginning of 2022. We decided to support the park rangers who work every day for the protection of wild animals with the donation of walkie-talkies, useful to make immediate communication with each other and without interruptions.

The National Park Mission

For more than 100 years, the Park has played a key role in the conservation of some of the most important Italian wildlife species, such as the Marsican brown bear, the chamois and the wolf. Among the various conservation activities that the Park carries out on a daily basis it is the very important the control and management of “confidant bears”. 

It is a question of preventing some species of Bear, who have lost their natural mistrust of man, from entering countries or crossing roads, making sure that problems are avoided both to people and to bears. 

The technique used to keep bears away from population centers is: deterrence.

A team of specially trained operators intervene systematically every time the bear enters an inhabited center. The goal is to trigger in the bear a process of association between the human figure and the feeling of mistrust and fear. The concept is extremely simple: the bear must associate negative experiences with the population centers and the figure of man in general.

Midland support

In order to support the complex “deterrence” work that the Park staff is carrying out day and night in collaboration with the forest police, we have decided to donate five walkie talkies

Radios are essential to make easier and less distracting the work within population centers where communications are often not easy. 

Until now, volunteers have communicated with each other with personal phones that often don’t pick up the signal in these areas, which is why walkie talkies are indispensable

The G13 model seemed to us the best choice for this type of work because, in addition to strength and ease of use, it has a 40 hours autonomy, which is necessary to communicate easily with colleagues.

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