Useful camper accessories for communication

14 September 2023

Exploring the world in a camper is a wonderful experience, but it's even better when you can share it with your fellow travelers and others who share the same passion.

That's why those who travel in campers quickly become part of a large community where it's exciting to meet, exchange ideas, and share advice.

Every camper knows that communication is a fundamental element of travel, and at Midland, we are proud to travel every mile of the road alongside travelers who choose to use our communication accessories in their campers.

We're talking about CB radios, of course, but not only that; choosing the right antenna or a rearview camera to aid in maneuvering can make a difference when you're on the road.

In this article, we'll advise you on the most useful camper accessories to enhance your communication while traveling!

CB Radios and Antennas for Campers

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Let's start with a question many people ask: Is CB radio still relevant?

To answer this, we'll show you two different scenarios:

  • you're traveling in an area with no cell phone reception, or your phone is dead—how do you communicate?

  • you're traveling in a caravan with other campers, and you need to stay updated on stops, waypoints, and route choices. How do you communicate with your fellow travelers? Using a cell phone can be complex and chaotic (especially while driving).

In these situations and more, owning a CB radio ensures you have no communication problems. CB radios are still very relevant, providing fast and simple communication, even in emergencies. They allow real-time traffic information exchange and advice sharing with other drivers. They also enable secure communication with two or more travel companions or just casual conversations with other people.

So, which CB radio should you choose for your camper trips?

Midland M5 is a super-compact CB radio that takes up very little space inside the cabin. All controls are on the microphone, which also features an LCD screen displaying channels, bands, and settings. 

The radio unit itself is very compact and can be hidden in the glove compartment or directly in the trunk (using an extension cable). 

Of course, the CB M5 must be paired with a good antenna to maximize its functionality.

The RV65 antenna is ideal because it's easy to install and has a well-structured radial system, crucial for optimal signal propagation and durability over time. 

RV65 is also suitable for vehicles that cannot accommodate a magnetic or roof-mounted antenna because it can be attached directly to the glass using adhesive.

So, the camper kit that includes M5 + RV65 antenna:

  • prevents clutter on the camper's dashboard

  • features quick release and can be used on other vehicles

  • avoids drilling into the vehicle's body or interior, thanks to adhesive attachments.

Alternatively, if you're a camper who travels in groups or requires long-range communication, consider the Kit Camper Pro, which includes:

  • CB M-Mini USB

  • PL25 connector

  • Funk 90 antenna

  • SP21 antenna mount

This is a more professional communication kit perfect for communicating with other campers traveling with you or contacting a camper heading in the opposite direction for traffic or road condition information.

The CB M-Mini USB is super compact and easy to install, powered by the cigarette lighter socket, equipped with a USB port for charging electronic devices, and has a removable microphone. 

Like the CB M5, it has 40 AM/FM channels and an aluminum chassis for durability. In this case, the display is on the radio unit, which is installed directly on the dashboard. To complete the kit, there's the Funk 90 antenna with a specific mount for external camper attachment.

If you already have everything else and just need an antenna to complete your communication kit, there's the camper antenna kit that includes the Funk 90 antenna, mount, and connector.

Another accessory for highly professional DIY campers is the self-calibration antenna calibration kit, allowing you to do everything on your own.

RV Dash Cam for Campers

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Another essential accessory for camper drivers is the RV Cam, a rearview camera that makes maneuvering and parking easy and safe, minimizing blind spots.

We all know that maneuvering a camper can be the most challenging part of driving, especially on narrow roads or in heavy traffic. Midland's RV Cam aims to improve visibility and simplify installation for every camper.

It's a wireless rearview camera that activates automatically when you engage in reverse gear. The kit includes a dashboard-mounted display powered by the cigarette lighter socket and attached with a suction cup, showing the rear of your camper.

The camera is wireless and can be installed on the camper in three different ways:

  • using the magnetic base

  • using adhesive with Velcro

  • using screw mounts

It can be positioned on the camper's roof for maximum visibility, and most importantly, it can be installed independently, saving you the cost of professional installation.

The camera has a 120° field of view, is waterproof, and is incredibly easy to use as a plug-and-play kit ready for action.

This allows every camper to drive with greater confidence and safety, avoiding unpleasant accidents, and saving money on installation costs because it's all do-it-yourself.

Plus, for any Midland product in your camper, remember that you always have access to assistance to solve any issues and make your devices practically everlasting!

Whether you're a novice camper or a seasoned pro, Midland camper accessories are by your side to make your travel experience simple, safe, and fun!

Safe travels!