RV Cam: the wireless RV rear camera advantages

23 September 2022
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Are you a camper and want to gain more visibility during maneuvers

The reversing cameras allow you to have a clearer and wider view of the surrounding environment. In this way, the driver is able to perform maneuvers safely and calmly and avoid unpleasant incidents. 

The new Midland RV Cam not only allows you to have a wider view during maneuvers, but being wireless, it allows you to save time, money and energy during installation. Avoid drilling the vehicle body and choose the RV Cam!


How does an RV rear camera work 

The rear view camera is usually activated automatically when the reverse gear is turned on. On the display mounted on the dashboard, you can see the video image shot by the camera mounted on the rear of the motorhome or caravan.

Cameras of this type give the driver an overview of the obstacles that are around the motorhome.

It is also very important to know the disadvantages of a rear view camera. In this case, there is always a blind spot, so you should also pay attention to pedestrians and keep the parking sensors active.

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Key features of a rearview camera

Waterproof: Before buying a rearview camera, make sure it is waterproof. Resistance to rain and humidity is one of the fundamental characteristics that the product must have.

Ease of use: The rear camera must be a tool that makes it easier for the driver during maneuvers, which is why it is important that the system is simple to use. Having a camera that allows you to perform maneuvers fluently and with a good view is certainly a great help. 

Viewing angle: When you decide to buy a rear view camera, consider the angle of action, in fact, the product must be wide-ranging so that you can see every obstacle behind the vehicle. 

Easy installation: One of the key features that can lead to choosing one rearview camera over another is certainly the ease of installation of the device. Today, mounting a wired camera is not only invasive but also expensive, which is why it is better to opt for a wireless camera. Don't forget to also consider how easy the front monitor is to install. 

Midland rear view camera RV Cam

After reviewing all the main features and functions that a good rear camera must have, we present the latest Midland RV Cam wireless camera. 


Strengths of the RV Cam 

One of the main strengths of the RV Cam is undoubtedly the ease of installation. In fact, the new camera is wireless and has three types of installation: magnetic, adhesive with Velcro and fixing with screws. Usually a wired camera requires an important installation: this, in addition to being expensive, is very invasive and often causes the camper to install the camera in the lower part of the motorhome, significantly reducing the view. On the other hand, a wireless camera can be installed at no cost, in the upper part of the motorhome, in a very short time and in total autonomy.

In this case, the monitor is also easy to install, in fact it attaches directly to the cigarette lighter socket and is highly resistant thanks to the suction cup mount. 


With a 120° viewing angle, the RV Cam is the perfect new ally for your maneuvers.

If you are a camper looking for a comfortable, safe and minimally invasive reversing camera, don't miss this opportunity. Click on the menu below and find out all the details of the new RV Cam!