The new version of the BT Talk App is out now!

5 August 2020
The new version of the BT Talk App is out now!

The hottest news of the summer for Midland fans and bikers: the new version of BT Talk, the mobile app dedicated to motorcyclists traveling in groups, is finally available.

BT Talk breaks down the distance in motorbike communication thanks to the ability to create cross-device discussion groups, turning the smartphone into a real walkie-talkie radio with which to talk with the group (using any telephone internet connection or a WiFi network) and dialogue with intercoms of any brand.

Discover the new features: 

  • New look and feel

  • Improved audio management when BT Talk is used with music. Audio from System Apps or third-Party Apps (such as Spotify, Amazon Music, etc) stops and resumes automatically;

  • Ability to use BT Talk in the background, even when your smartphone screen is off or you are using another App;

  • Implemented “Mute” function.

Didn't you know BT Talk yet? We tell you! It's not just an application, it's a real communication system that rewrites the rules of communication in motion, eliminating the limit of the number of connected motorcyclists and communication distances. You can create your own group of friends and talk to them, wherever they are.

Check on the smartphone map of their location, even when they are no longer on sight. 
Simply search through the contacts of your address book who has already downloaded the APP to be able to communicate in groups with private and secure communications.


HOW DOES IT WORK? Watch the tutorial: