The legendary Midland shack: 40 years of history

8 June 2023

It's 2:52 PM on a summer Wednesday, and you're driving on the A1 highway while the radio blasts the current hits: first, Michael Jackson with "Beat It" and "Billie Jean," then followed by The Police with "Every Breath You Take" and Culture Club's "Karma Chameleon."

It's hot, and you're thinking of stopping at the recently rebuilt Cantagallo Autogrill, which unfortunately lost the structure that made it famous as Mottagrill due to a fire.

But before you stop, you turn on the shack to check the traffic situation.

It's 1983, and keeping you company on your truck journeys is the Alan Sixty-Eight, a true revolution in mobile communication.

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Words ran on the mythical 27 MHz, much like trucks on the A1. It was the simplest and most immediate way to communicate, exchange information, and keep each other company during trips.

Perhaps a precursor to social media? To some extent, the flavor of communication through CB and the excitement of being able to hear distant voices was unparalleled.

As soon as it was launched on the market, the Alan Sixty-Eight became a bestseller: a faithful friend not only for travels but also for all those who enjoyed experiencing what the future of telecommunications would be. 

34 channels, AM-FM band, and a classic and sturdy design: the legendary Alan Sixty-Eight integrated perfectly into truck dashboards and cars, but above all, it never abandoned you.

Exactly 40 years have passed since 1983, and many things have changed. Telecommunications have seen rapid development: mobile phones arrived, then the internet and smartphones. The legendary 27 MHz is no longer the only means of communication as it used to be, but there is a steadfast and indispensable cornerstone that withstands the test of time: the shack.

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At Midland, we have had the honor of being by the side of those who travel every day since the 1980s, providing simple, fast, and immediate communications. The Alan Sixty-Eight, and later the Alan Forty-Eight, since their release on the market, have been true pillars not only for truck drivers but also for those working in agriculture and today for off-roaders.

History has taught us that if something works well, why change it?

For this reason, Midland shacks are exactly as they were when they first came out in the 1980s: indestructible and loyal companions for work and travel.

Alan Sixty-Eight: the legendary CB transceiver


40 years of life for a technological tool are a true rarity, especially in today's disposable technology era.

Yet, the Alan Sixty-Eight remains the most beloved CB in Italy since 1983 and is still available today with some renewed features that have brought improvements.

The Alan Sixty-Eight operates on the AM-FM band, has 34 channels, a 4W output power, and runs on 12V. The new version is equipped with:

  • Noise Blanker System, a noise suppression circuit;

  • MIC Gain for microphone gain control;

  • S-Meter;

  • the microphone output is a 4-pin connector and is also compatible with Midland's Dual Mike microphone;

  • white LED backlighting.

The style and design haven't changed, which is why it will feel like you have an authentic shack from 1983 in your hands!

Thanks to its robustness and reliability, the Alan Sixty-Eight is ideal for use on agricultural vehicles and earthmoving equipment.

Inside the Alan Sixty-Eight package, you'll find the shack, the microphone, the mounting bracket, and the fixing screws.

Alan Forty-Eight: the best-selling and beloved CB

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Good blood doesn't lie: 1986 marked the launch of the Alan Forty-Eight, the legendary 40-channel CB that made history in communication. For over 30 years, it has been the best-selling CB transceiver in Italy, thanks to its reputation, extreme practicality, and a full range of features.

Alan Forty-Eight is an indispensable working tool for those who are behind the wheel every day!

In this case, as well, the design is identical to the original shack from the 1980s, but the updated version features some improvements, including:

  • Noise Blanker System, a noise suppression circuit;

  • MIC Gain, microphone gain control for perfect communication at all times;

  • Automatic Noise Limiter, an automatic noise suppressor;

  • LED backlighting.

Furthermore, it is equipped with an S-Meter, has 40 channels, operates on the AM-FM band, and has a 4-pin microphone output, making it compatible with the latest generation Midland Dual Mike Bluetooth microphone.

The Alan Forty-Eight is sold with a complete mounting kit and can also be purchased with the hands-free kit, which includes:

  • the radio

  • a Dual Mike microphone

  • mounting bracket and fixing screws

  • main PTT (Push-to-Talk) button

  • steering wheel mount for the main PTT

  • optional wired PTT

  • external finger PTT

  • 2 adhesive Velcro strips

  • built-in battery.

With the hands-free kit, you can easily activate communications without distractions from driving, thus avoiding the risk of penalties.

Midland shacks are always by your side

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Alan Forty-Eight and Alan Sixty-Eight were born and primarily used as working tools for those who travel every day, especially for truck drivers. However, over time, they have become indispensable tools for those working in agriculture, such as tractor operators or earthmoving professionals, particularly the Alan Sixty-Eight.

Today, Midland shacks are also highly useful for off-roaders and campers. Thanks to their functionalities, they make communication simple and immediate among drivers, allowing them to report obstacles or technical issues, connect with groups of off-road enthusiasts, ensure constant signals with fellow group members for safety, and even communicate with emergency services.

Unlike mobile phones, CB radios allow you to stay connected at all times and never lose the signal, ensuring communication even in the most extreme situations.

If you are nostalgic for the 1980s, for Mad Max, Terminator, and Carrera jeans with a touch of glam rock, the legendary Midland shack will always be by your side!