Constant communication in the most extreme Off-Road conditions

6 April 2023
Sgrumatori Seriali 4x4

The passion for off-roading is a truly irresistible impulse, an irresistible attraction towards adventure and exploration of wild nature. Off-roading is more than just an activity, it's a way of life.

There are few things that can match the feeling of driving a 4x4 vehicle through difficult and rugged terrain, overcoming natural obstacles such as rocks, mud, and water. The challenge of overcoming these difficulties and the feeling of freedom while crossing unexplored places are what drives us to go further and further.

For this reason, it is essential to rely on reliable and high-performance devices that can ensure constant communication even in the most difficult conditions, where it is often impossible to communicate due to the lack of cellular network coverage.

Need for communication during an Off-Road outing

During an off-road outing, communication is essential to ensure the safety and success of the activity. There are several communication needs that must be considered:

  • Communication between drivers: it is important that drivers maintain constant communication during the outing, in order to signal any obstacles, indicate the direction to follow, or signal any technical problems.

  • Communication between drivers and passengers: passengers must be informed about what is happening during the outing, so they can understand the driver's decisions and intervene if necessary.

  • Communication between the group of off-roaders: it is important that the participants in the outing maintain constant communication with each other, in order to coordinate themselves to face critical situations or to signal any problems.

  • Communication with rescuers: in case of emergency, it is important that the group of off-roaders is able to contact rescuers quickly and efficiently.

Products and Kits dedicated to true Off-roaders

To meet the communication needs during off-road outings, we offer a wide range of products dedicated to off-roaders, among which here are our favorites:

Midland Kit CB 4x4

Composed of CB M-Mini USB and Lux 1500 Antenna with flexible attachment, antenna mounting bracket, and adapter, the Midland Kit CB 4x4 is ideal for all 4x4 enthusiasts. Practical and easy to install, it allows for quick and easy communication during the toughest routes. The CB M-Mini is equipped with a practical USB socket useful for recharging mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets, while the Lux 1500 Antenna guarantees top-level performance. The antenna base is equipped with a waveguide that emits light when it is crossed by radio frequency, it lights up automatically when the radio is in transmission, thus also signaling the correct functioning of the device, it does not require any power supply and is totally waterproof.

Midland Kit Offroad

CB M-Mini USB and RV65 Glass Antenna make up this ideal kit for off-road enthusiasts who want a practical solution that does not require complicated installations. With the Midland M5, all CB controls are located on the microphone for the first time, providing easy access to all functions. The LCD display, also located on the microphone, allows for the access channel, band, and settings consultation. It's compact size and unique configuration allow for remote installation of the radio body in the glove compartment or the trunk (with an accessory extension cable). In addition, the RV65 glass antenna, which avoids the need for drilling into the bodywork and has a super resistant 3M adhesive, is top-of-the-line in its category. It does not require a ground plane, so unlike most antennas on the market, the RV65 can be installed directly on the window.

Midland Kit CB Auto

The CB Auto Kit is designed for those who travel frequently and need to stay in constant contact with companions and travelers. The kit's transceiver is the portable CB par excellence, the Midland Alan 42 DS, which guarantees a unique audio experience. Convenient and easy to handle, it combines the communication advantages of the CB with the practicality and manageability of walkie-talkies. Very useful when it is necessary to often leave the cabin and communicate in a group. The magnetic antenna that completes the kit is the MC45 and, thanks to its work, the range of the CB undergoes a considerable increase.

At the forefront of trends and innovations in the off-road world

For many years, Midland has participated in events and fairs dedicated to the off-road world to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends dedicated to off-roaders. Among the fixed stops we mention the participation in the International Off-Road Show that takes place every year in Versilia between the end of September and the beginning of October, during which Midland participates by presenting the latest news dedicated to off-roaders and testing the products dedicated to 4x4 during off-road sessions organized by the event.

This year we will be pleased to participate, as a delegation to carry out research and updating activities, in the 4x4 Fest event ( which will be held in Carrara from April 21 to 23, 2023.