OBI and UCS: Midland in collaboration with Cardo and Uclear eliminate incompatibilities between different brand intercoms

4 November 2022

Are you tired of having connectivity problems between intercoms from different brands? We have great news for you. Thanks to the new OBI protocol (Open Bluetooth Intercom) you can experience Bluetooth connectivity between multi-brand intercoms without interruption.

In fact, the new partnership with Cardo and Uclear aims to eliminate all incompatibilities between intercoms of different brands, which will finally be able to communicate with each other without interfering with others functionality.

“Being an active part in this partnership fills us with pride. The goal is important and sets aside the competition between competitors. Together we will guarantee a better ride experience for all motorcyclists by responding to their need to communicate in a cross-device and open technology to everyone, without compromising and without limits. A really important innovation, which we will announce together at EICMA. Which better time to do it?”

Gabriele Torreggiani, Midland Europe Vice President

The OBI advantages

Before the arrival of OBI, the “Universal Intercom” mode already allowed the combination of multi-brand intercoms, but unfortunately with many limitations. In fact, the pairing process could be complex, the connections previously implemented could be disconnected and it was not always possible to make phone calls or listen to music during the communication.

Thanks to the Open Bluetooth Intercom, it will be possible to pair a Midland intercom with a Cardo or Uclear intercom, ensuring a connection and usability experience similar to that experienced between intercoms of the same brand.

What is UCS?

Our team with Cardo Systems and Uclear have also reached an agreement on a second solution, linked to the communication devices integrated in the helmet. UCS will allow riders to freely choose whether to change and replace communication devices without compromising the fit and appearance of their helmet. The “Universal communication solution” practically standardizes the size and shape of the communication systems, allowing integrated assembly in the new motorcycle helmets approved according to the new ECE 22.06 standards.

The collaboration with Cardo and Uclear

The achievement of this agreement with Cardo and Uclear demonstrates first of all our commitment and that of these two brands in guaranteeing motorcyclists maximum performance during their trips.

In fact, bikers who choose a Midland, Cardo or Uclear intercom will be able to pair and connect their multi-brand intercoms without difficulty, being sure to maintain communication without interruptions and to continue to take advantage of all other modes including calls and listening to music.

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Thanks to this great news, motorcyclists who want to travel together and keep in communication with each other will no longer be forced to choose intercoms of the same brand. This will help to overcome many of the common difficulties of recent years and to promote a new era of multi-brand experience. From today, intercoms from different brands will finally speak of Same language!

“In recent years we have worked closely with representatives of Midland, Uclear and Sygn House with the sole objective of allowing motorcyclists from all over the world to fully experience the joy of “communicating” while riding. EICMA provided the perfect backdrop, as the largest show in the world dedicated to two wheels, to celebrate the achievements so far and to talk about future developments”.

Alon Lumbroso, Cardo Systems CEO

Come and discover the new OBI protocol up close at our stand at Eicma 2022. You can find us at Hall 13, Stand I68. We are waiting for you!