Midland antennas: find the perfect model for your CB

15 June 2022
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CB radio is a great tool both for those who spend many hours on the road for work and for those who have a passion for the camper or off-road. Staying up to date on traffic conditions and quickly exchanging information on the state of the road is easy and intuitive thanks to these tools.

If you use the CB radio, but have not yet clarified how to use the antenna, read this guide and find out which model is right for you.

The strengths of Midland antennas

A good antenna allows the CB transceiver to work to the best of its performance.

Our antennas boast a 100% made in Italy production. They have a well-structured radial system, essential for obtaining optimal propagation and durability over time.

Discover all the different ranges that we have developed after years of experience and of research and development.


PC series

The PC series antennas are the most sold for over 30 years. The modern look and the harmonic steel stylus make them so attractive. The harmonic steel is a material resistant to shocks thanks to its flexibility and non-deformability.

You can adjust the inclination according to the vehicle structure on which you install the antenna. The maximum applicable power is extremely high. The antenna bandwidth is higher than what is needed for CB transceivers. If you need to improve the use or efficiency of the antenna, you can extend or shorten the stylus with an Allen key. 

The models in this series are:

Antenne Alan PC.jpg

X-Turbo series

If you are looking for the top of the range and maximum performance, you can choose the X-Turbo 60 and X-Turbo 80 antennas. The robustness of the harmonic steel stylus, the fixing system and the properties of the coil guarantee high performance up to 800 W of power.

As with the PC series, it is also possible to adjust the antenna inclination.

Antenne X turbo.jpg

Lux series

The main feature that distinguishes the antennas in this range is the light that comes on when you go on the broadcast. If you are looking for a unique and high-performance antenna, you can choose this range.

The base of the antenna is equipped with a waveguide that emits light when it is crossed by radio frequency. The antenna lights up automatically when the radio goes on broadcast, signaling the correct functioning of the device. The LUX antennas do not need power, they are totally waterproof and the stylus is made of harmonic steel. A further feature of the Lux range is the additional flexibility and elasticity of the stylus thanks to the steel spring.

It is possible to combine the Lux 700-PL and Lux 1500-PL antennas with the magnetic bases contained in the Kit 226 and the Kit 224.

The models in this series are:

Antenne Lux.jpg

Still don't know which range and model to choose? Click here and discover in detail all the technical characteristics of the various models.