Midland and VR|46 Riders Academy: Unconventional Training

13 July 2021
Unconventional Training eng

We are happy to announce that even in 2021 the VR|46 Riders Academy confirmed Midland as a technology partner for providing tools for communication on the go. 

This year, the young drivers Andrea Migno and Niccolò Antonelli tested all the features of the new BT Rush intercom during an out-of-the-box training session at the Tavullia Ranch.

The VR|46 Riders Academy was inaugurated in 2014 with the aim of giving an important opportunity for young Italian talents to become the great drivers of the future. Based in Tavullia (PU), the Academy uses a team of professionals who, supervised by Valentino, follow and train students during training.

It becomes essential for us to provide our partners with the best communication and technological support; in the case of the prestigious Academy of VR|46 We tried to meet the needs of riders and trainers who need the best communication conditions during training.

BT Rush offers a 360-degree communication experience and an unprecedented audio quality thanks to the partnership with RCF, the historic brand of professional audio systems appreciated all over the world.

The BT Rush, easy to use, allows not only drivers to communicate with each other or talk to the coach for some advice, but also to listen to a little bit of music or receive some unexpected calls...

Are you curious to see what happened during this unconventional training? Let yourself be carried away by the adrenaline of a ride on the track and the extreme sympathy of the young drivers of the VR|46 Riders Academy!


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