Massimo Bianconcini: the mototerapy that is good for the heart!

23 July 2020
Massimo Bianconcini: the mototerapy that is good for the heart!

For years now we have been following Massimo Bianconcini, the great freestyler biker five times Step Up world champion, active for more than 25 years on the international freestyle motocross world.

Not everyone knows, however, that Massimo, besides being an excellent and brave rider is also a super kind person, extremely caring and devoted. As a kind of revelation, the excellent rider and companion Vanni Oddera, tells him about his phenomenal idea: the Mototherapy, a series of free sessions around Italy and around the world created to give days of joy to disabled people and children thanks to the great power generated by the dream on two wheels.

From that moment on Massimo becomes Vanni's first supporter, following and helping him spread the Mototherapy activities as much as possible.

This beautiful story lasts for ten years when Mototherapy has become a must in the world of motorcycling and has been exported to many countries including Russia, Mexico, and Spain.

During these meetings participants (usually of numbers ranging from 40 to 70) are invited to live up close the emotions of freestyle motocross. Sitting in the very first row, the guests can admire the stunts of the champions sharing the energetic frenzy of their amazing freestyle. Following the show the participants are then invited to fully enjoy the energizing power of the bike, climbing along the bolides, accompanied by Massimo, Vanni, and the other promoters of Mototherapy. — To date —, Massimo proudly confided to us, — We manage to load boys and children with any kind of disability into motorcycles, to give them unique emotions and pure moments of joy! —.

Even the COVID emergency didn't stop this fantastic initiative. In fact, always from the creative mind of Vanni Oddera, the Take Away Mototherapy was born to cope with the impossibility of realizing events dedicated to an extended audience. This is how, during the lockdown, the champions of the Mototherapy, went around Italy to meet small groups of boys to make the thrill of Mototherapy feel in absolute safety.

Fortunately, after the lockdown, the appointments are broken down with a busy schedule whose next date is scheduled for July 24 at the Salviniland park where Massimo trains for his shows.