Lacelli Farm: a passion for agriculture passed on by her family

6 May 2022
NEWS Lacelli Farm

Those who work on heavy agricultural vehicles every day, need to communicate with high audio performance and extremely easy-to-use instruments. This is why more and more farmers are relying on the efficiency of Midland devices. 

Read below the interview with Matilde (Lacelli Farm) who uses our radios daily in order to make the dialogue easier during working hours and make agricultural activities more efficient. 

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When and where was Lacelli Farm born? 

“I represent the sixth generation of farmers in my family, but the Lacelli Farm page was born in January 2021.” 

Who is Matilde and where does her passion for agriculture come from? 

“Matilde is a young 19-year-old girl with a passion for agriculture transmitted by her grandfather Carlo who, since she was a child, has made her live agricultural at 360 degrees. Matilde's goal is to enhance and expand the family business.”

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How important is radio communication in your work? 

“Radio communication is essential in our work because it allows us to create continuous communication between the members of the company. That's why we use radios daily during our work activity.” 

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What are the Midland products that every farmer should have? 

“From our experience, we can recommend stationary CB radios because they allow us to communicate quickly and clearly from one tractor to another.” 

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The radios that Matilde and her family use daily are: 

  • Antenna Lux 1500-S - Broadband antenna that lights up automatically when the radio goes on broadcast, needs no power supply and is waterproof. 

  • M5 - The compact size CB radio that contains all the CB features directly in the microphone. 

  • Midland 88 - The CB radio compatible with all DIN compartments, with 12/14 V power supply and equipped with protection for mismatch of the antenna circuit.

  • Alan 42 DS - The portable CB transceiver fitted with digital squelch, ANL and Noise Blanker filters that remove all noises caused by sources outside the vehicle. A multistandard device that allows selecting any European band and operate in all EU countries. 

If you are interested in the world of agriculture, follow Matilde and her family on Instagram!