Italian Motorcycle Federation and Midland together for more than 10 years

5 August 2022

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and if you are looking for initiatives and companions who share the same passion as you in Italy, we recommend you start following F.M.I. and stay updated on all the formations and events organized by the Federation.

The Italian Motorcycle Federation wants to become the leading point for Italian motorcycling, thanks to training courses, events and many opportunities dedicated to all enthusiasts. 

Our collaboration with the Federation, born more than 10 years ago, has allowed us in recent years to participate in various initiatives alongside our motorcyclists. In fact, F.M.I. has 35,000 motorcycle tourists registered with the Federation 

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What does F.M.I. Do?

The Italian Motorcycle Federation is a National Sports Federation that has the task of managing and regulating the sport of motorcycling at national level and representing it internationally. That's why F.M.I. deals with developing, promoting and protecting all sports and motorcycle activities on Italian territory. F.M.I. organizes initiatives that not only take care of the dissemination of education and road safety, but also protect the national motorcycle heritage, respect for rules, people and environment.

F.M.I. has 111 years of history, 270,000 motorcycles registered in the historical register, 30,000 riders, 117,000 members and 35,000 motorcycle tourists registered.

Currently there are 1,770 Moto Clubs distributed throughout the Italian territory that have the task of managing relations with local authorities, organizing territorial events, and acting as aggregation, information and training points for members.

Midland and F.M.I.

Our collaboration with the Italian Motorcycle Federation was born more than 10 years ago.

We participated as a partner of F.M.I. in the Six Days of Enduro in 2013, the oldest and most prestigious motorcycle race of international off-road competitions in which more than 30 nations and 600 drivers partecipate.

The proposal and the values of F.M.I.

The Federation focuses first of all on a training proposal aimed at instructors, technicians, athletes and basic users.

One of the initiatives organized by the Federation is the Italian Speed Championship, a national competition on two wheels consisting of 12 tests on 6 prestigious tracks: a springboard for Italian pilots to international competitions.

Another significant project is the Pata Talenti Azzurri, a professional training course aimed at the research and growth of young Italian talents.

Another training proposal is represented by the Federal School of Speed: a project that allows children (from 6 to 12 years old) to get on a motorcycle for the first time in total safety.

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In addition to the training proposals, the Federation organizes recreational and non-competitive events: more than 900 events aimed at promoting motorcycle culture. The national motorcycle heritage is also important: the Federation protects it with great care by promoting the research, restoration and conservation of motorcycles of historical interest.

Finally, there are initiatives aimed at encouraging the participation of women in competitive and motorcycle activity.


If you want to continue cultivating your passion for two wheels, sign up for the Federation and stay updated on all the initiatives that are organized annually!