How to pair and configure the motorcycle intercom with Midland BTPRO SetUp

5 May 2023
Btpro app

The main feature of Midland intercoms, in addition to advanced technology, is the ease of use. This is also thanks to the BTPRO SetUp app which allows you to not only properly configure your motorcycle intercom in a few simple steps but also pair it with another Midland intercom or with intercoms from other brands and start communication in conference mode.

BTPRO SetUp is the app that helps you set up your motorcycle intercom easily and is a real control center for all the features you can use, including FM radio (in models that include this feature), digital radio, music, and all parameters such as choosing the name, sound adjustment, volume, activating automatic shutdown, etc.

Now you can download the latest release of the Midland app, which has important updates and new features compared to previous versions. So the first thing we recommend you do if you have already downloaded BTPRO SetUp on your smartphone is to update it!

In this article, you will find a complete tutorial on how to pair and properly configure the motorcycle intercom with BTPRO SetUp.

New Midland BTPRO SetUp: Changes and Implementations

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Let's start from the beginning: compared to previous versions, the BTPRO SetUp app has important news to simplify and improve the user experience.

The first feature is the addition of the remote control part. From your smartphone, you can now:

  • Open the various intercom/universal intercom

  • Manage FM radio

  • Start and pause music

  • View the song information you are listening to

  • Activate/deactivate Music Share

  • Activate Siri or Google Assistant

  • Call your preferred number.

In addition, some general problems have been fixed, and new digital radio stations have been added: now you can choose from 80,000 channels.

On the technical side, numerous changes have been made to the firmware, including:

  • The app is now compatible with all TFTs of motorcycle manufacturers on the market.

  • OBI compatibility has been added (Midland, Cardo, and UClear).

  • Conference stability has been improved.

  • The intercom communication closure has been modified. If opened with the vox, it now closes after 60 seconds of silence (previously 40).

  • Compatibility is implemented for the BTMini on the normal intercom. It is no longer necessary to use the universal intercom function.

How to set up the intercom through BTPRO SetUp

Now let's see how to properly configure your Midland device with BTPRO SetUp. You will need to perform this operation after purchase if it is the first time you are using your motorcycle intercom, or after a software update.

The first step is to download the app (available for iOS and Android) BTPRO SetUp. Before turning on your intercom, make sure there are no other Bluetooth devices nearby to avoid interference.

To connect the intercom to the App:

  • With an Android phone, you will need to pair your smartphone with the intercom (following the procedure indicated in the pocket guide) and launch the app.

  • With an iOS phone, once the intercom is turned on, you just need to launch the app and select the device from the list that appears automatically.

On the main screen, there are now four sections:

  1. The "Configuration" section to make various adjustments to the intercom.

  2. The "Digital Radio" section to listen to your favorite radio station via the web.

  3. The "Remote Control" section uses your smartphone as a real intercom remote control.

  4. The "Pairing" section pairs other Midland intercoms and different brand intercoms. 

Configure your intercom using the BTPRO SetUp app

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Every time the Midland intercom is connected, you can use the app to configure various parameters for the device.

Firstly, in the "configuration" section, you can change the name of your intercom to make it recognizable and unique. This action is particularly useful if you need to then pair it with other intercoms and communicate at a conference.

Also in this section, you can select the automatic shutdown mode, and you will be notified if the installed firmware needs updating.

At the bottom of the screen, if you select the gear icon, you can modify the settings related to:

  • the intercom;

  • the Mesh technology (for models that have it);

  • phone and music;

  • FM radio (for models that have it);

  • volumes.

Finally, the last section, still in the bottom section of the screen, is access to support that allows you to consult the various technical manuals for your intercom (including installation on the helmet).

How to pair various intercoms

Returning to the initial screen that includes 4 sections, in addition to configuration, you can easily and quickly initiate all pairings provided by your intercom model.

So, you can pair your Midland device with other Midland intercoms or with intercoms of other brands.

However, remember that the total number of pairings does not depend on the app but on the intercom model you have purchased.

On the app, therefore, you must select whether to pair a Midland or OBI (Cardo and UCLEAR) intercom or to pair a Universal Intercom device.

In the first case:

  • select one of the available buttons among the control button, up button, and down button, and then proceed with the pairing.

In the second case (Universal Intercom):

  • a window will open automatically in which you will need to confirm the pairing;

  • wait for the confirmation screen that the procedure has been completed.

It is important to know that the device paired using the control button can use the VOX function, the intercom's voice activation, and the Music Share function, with which you can listen to the same music.

How does the remote control work in Intercom communications

Mano Con schermata APP BT SET UP.jpg

In the new "remote control" section, you can manage all communications with devices (both Midland and other brands) paired with your intercom.

With Midland and OBI intercoms paired, you can open communication by clicking on the M1 - M2 - M3 buttons, and so on, depending on the correspondence of the button with each intercom.

In the case of intercoms paired with other brands, you will need to select the "TalkToAll" button marked with the Bluetooth icon.

How does the remote control work in Mesh communications

The "remote control" section is also used to manage communications with Mesh technology if your intercom model provides it.

As with Intercom communications, you can select the M1 - M2 and TalkToAll buttons to communicate with the various paired intercoms.

Unlike the Intercom remote control, however, the central button is dedicated specifically to the Mesh mode that can be activated and deactivated.

Below, you can change the type of Mesh communication between Dynamic Repeat or Mesh Conference.

Other functions of the remote control: radio, music, and phone

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Staying within the "remote control" section, but selecting the radio icon at the bottom of the smartphone screen this time, you can control the selection of FM radio (if the intercom model provides it). 

In the upper part, there is a slider with various frequencies and there are 3 buttons to select play, pause, forward, and backward.

Additionally, for models equipped with an integrated FM radio, 6 radio stations can be saved and changed at any time: when listening to a radio station that you want to save, simply press and hold one of the 6 buttons with the saved stations for 2 seconds.

Finally, at the bottom of the screen, you can select the phone and music icons. In the upper box, you can control music selection (either the phone's Music app or Spotify) and view the playing track; you can also adjust the music volume.

Just below the button with two headphones, you can share music with the paired intercom using the control button or the back/down button, for BTMesh and BTRush models.

The button with the microphone icon allows you to activate Google Assistant or Siri, depending on the operating system used, while the button with the star allows you to call the phone number saved in the intercom.

At this point, all you have to do is set up your intercom correctly and embark on your next motorcycle trip!

If you need to delve deeper into the settings and pairings, you can visit our YouTube channel for video tutorials.