Guide to the Best Accessories for Your Walkie-Talkie

22 May 2024
Best Walkie-Talkie accessories guide

Walkie-talkies are important work tools, but they are not only that: they are also essential for some outdoor hobby activities, such as hunting, hiking, and airsoft. What you might not know yet is that your Midland walkie-talkie can be fully utilized with the use of some accessories. While a walkie-talkie already simplifies communications to the maximum, in some situations you might need support that allows you to have better audio conditions both in and out. Besides this, if you work in a team and need walkie-talkies every day, you will need a simultaneous charging station that allows you to maximize time. To meet all these needs, we have developed a wide range of accessories that will make your communications even simpler and more immediate!


Earphones and Microphones for Walkie-Talkies

The first question we want to address is: when is it recommended to use an earphone for a walkie-talkie? The answer is simple: in all situations where you need:

  • better sound clarity;

  • private communications;

  • to keep your hands free,

  • making it impossible to hold the transceiver and press the PTT button;

  • to communicate constantly with your colleagues while on the move.

For each model of Midland walkie-talkie, there is a range of available accessories that allow you to choose the most suitable earphones and microphones. The first thing to check is whether your transceiver is compatible with a 2-pin or 1-pin connector: for example, the 777 Pro requires 1-pin earphones, while the G9, G7 Pro, XT70 - 50 - 30 Pro, and others require 2-pin earphones. You can verify this independently according to your model. After checking compatibility, you can choose the earphone and microphone models that best suit your needs. For example:

  • The MA25 is the classic shoulder microphone used by American police, recommended for those who want to avoid prolonged use of earphones but need superior audio quality. It is robust and compact, perfect for those working in surveillance and security sectors;

  • The MA21 and MA24 are earphone microphones that fit perfectly in the ear to provide clear audio quality even in noisy environments and for private communications. In particular, the MA24 does not completely block the auditory field, allowing the perception of surrounding noises. This is especially useful for those working on construction sites, scaffolding, or in environments where it is unsafe to be isolated audibly;

  • The MA31 and BA31 are microphones with pneumatic earphones that channel audio directly into the ear canal. This allows isolation from any environmental noise and is particularly suitable for security agents, those working in venues, and those engaging in outdoor activities.


Earphones for Hunting

In certain situations, communications should only occur when a user decides to transmit: this is the case with hunting. Hunters need both hands free and the ability to choose when to transmit through the transceiver, without interference from ambient noises. To meet these needs, we have developed the Secure TX line (comprising the MA24, MA31, and MA21 earphones), ideal for hunting, as it operates solely in Push to Talk mode, without the VOX function. This way, the user chooses when to transmit, ensuring safe and reliable communication. The Secure TX line is compatible with 2-pin radios, such as the XT Series, XT Pro, G9 Pro, and G7 Pro.


Earphones for Airsoft

Airsoft players have different communication needs compared to those who, for example, go hiking or use walkie-talkies for work. The most important thing is to communicate without being heard by opponents. Moreover, since this sport is based on military tactics, it is essential to have a simple, intuitive, and immediately usable PTT button. The Bow-M Evo meets the needs of airsoft enthusiasts thanks to:

  • a microphone with a boom arm that allows 180-degree rotation

  • the option to choose between speaker or private communication

  • a large PTT that can be used quickly and easily.

This is a true military-grade headset.


Multi-Chargers for Walkie-Talkies

When using transceivers in a group, such as on construction sites or during festivals, optimizing charging times is very important. Often, the number of electrical outlets available is not equal to the number of walkie-talkies. This issue is resolved with the use of multi-chargers, with a wall power adapter, which can charge 4 to 6 walkie-talkies simultaneously. In this case, it is also necessary to check compatibility, as not all models of walkie-talkies can be charged with multi-chargers. Finally, if you want to protect your radio and preserve its design, protective cases in neoprene or leather are available.