Dual Headset: the new Bluetooth headset by Midland

15 December 2022
Auricolare Dual Headset Midland

Are you looking for a Bluetooth headset that allows you to communicate hands-free while driving?

Midland presents the new Bluetooth headset with the built-in transmission button (PTT): the Dual Headset. A very effective system for those who need to speak in a group while driving. 


Features of the new headset

The new headset is comfortable and versatile, in fact it can be worn in both ears depending on preferences and needs. Thanks to the study of our technical department on the MWE noise cancellation algorithm, the voice transmission is perfectly clear and clean

The headset has a battery life of 8 hours and the internal battery is recharged via a USB socket. The Dual Headset headset also allows you to easily connect to the CB Talk and BT Talk apps.


To activate the Dual Headset, simply combine it with your smartphone, wear it and press the broadcast button to communicate in a group or to broadcast on CB Talk and BT Talk. By downloading our apps for free, you'll be able to communicate with Midland's huge On the Road fan community.

From the CB Talk interface, it is possible to track other users without distance or language restrictions with a simple search on the interactive map on the app. CB Talk provides many amateurs and professionals who need useful and functional information for their work on the road (traffic conditions, destination, etc.).

The many uses of the headset

Bluetooth headsets have several functions, including allowing drivers to drive without distractions and talk in groups hands-free. 

Another use is the management of the mobile workforce, in fact, good communication with the work group means good business management. To obtain it, you just need a comfortable and high-performance wireless headset. Thanks to the excellent real-time transmission quality and the timely transfer of information, this headset is a perfect system for making teamwork more efficient. 


Who is the new Bluetooth headset recommended for?

The Dual Headset is recommended for all those who regularly use on-the-go communication: truckers, off-road users, campers, couriers, motorists, but also workers who need a tool that allows them to communicate instantly with their team hands-free.

Find out more and buy our Bluetooth headset now.