Digital Detox: How to Disconnect Without Isolating Yourself

5 June 2024
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In recent years, especially during the pandemic lockdown, we've all felt overwhelmed by digital hyper-connectivity. Some are constantly connected to their smartphones or computers for work, while others can't take their eyes off the screen even if it's just a hobby.

On the one hand, the digital world, especially social media, is a major distraction from creative activities; on the other, maintaining contact with friends or relatives can bring more serenity. Is there a middle way between "digital detox" and the total absence of relationships? We believe there is, and we share it with you in this article!

What is a Digital Detox?


First, let's clarify because only some people are familiar with, and know how to practice, a digital detox.

A digital detox is a period, which can be long or short, in which a person consciously chooses to detach from digital devices, primarily smartphones, tablets, and computers. Through this detachment, one seeks to restore a balance between time spent online and real life, a true detoxification.

Many choose to do it because they feel overwhelmed by the content they see on social media, which can generate negative emotions. In contrast, others do it because they realize that their time spent digitally exceeds the time spent doing other activities. For those working in creative industries, the web is a valuable ally, but it can also backfire: the distracting effect generated by social media, notifications, and emails takes away from moments of creativity, hence a healthy detachment can be beneficial.

Digital hyper-connectivity can also cause real psychological and physical disorders: anxiety, stress, insomnia, and inability to concentrate are all symptoms that compromise our well-being. That's why digital detox comes into play, which can be introduced gradually (e.g., disabling notifications) or considered as a period ranging from a few hours to a few days, during which one remains completely isolated from any digital device.

What if I Can't Afford a Digital Detox?

Each of us has responsibilities, deadlines, and needs that require a certain level of availability. In short, in 2024, it’s not so simple to remain disconnected from any form of communication for several days.

Can you do a digital detox even if you can't afford to isolate yourself from human relationships?

Of course, you can just go back to analog communications.

Before smartphones were introduced, communication among people primarily occurred through landline phones, and even earlier through radios. What you might not know is that analog communication is still very relevant and indispensable in many cases. Have you heard of walkie-talkies and CB radios?

They are not only used by truck drivers on the road or by those nostalgic for Carrera jeans, Fiorucci t-shirts, and Invicta backpacks. Walkie-talkies and CBs are still today useful analog communication tools for staying in touch with friends, colleagues, or relatives in various situations.

Do you remember the excitement of picking up the phone and sharing everything you wanted with a friend? Well, digital has somewhat distanced us from the romance and "slowness" of analog communications, making us all a bit more prone to frenzy.

If you can't completely disconnect from communications for work or personal reasons, using a walkie-talkie or a CB allows you to practice a healthy digital detox and bypass the problem of isolation.

Walkie-Talkies for Digital Detox


Choosing to use walkie-talkies for your digital detox is optimal if you don't want to lose contact with a group of friends, family, or your work team.

In this way, you can communicate only when you need to and just press a button (PTT) or even, some walkie-talkie models have the VOX function (like the XT30 and XT70), so they start transmitting when you start communication, without pressing any button.

You don't need to be close to communicate, in fact, some models, like the XT70 Pro and the G9 Pro, reach a distance of 12 km.

If, instead, you want to practice digital detox in the mountains or a remote area, you can leave in peace because there are walkie-talkie models that have the special Radio Network Mountain channel, which ensures emergency communications even in remote areas, like the XT50 Pro or the G13.

In summary, with transceivers, you choose when and how much you want to communicate!

CBs for Digital Detox

Another story is CBs, universally known as communication tools for truck drivers and more recently also for RVers.

The legendary CB radios can be used by anyone, anywhere. The most fascinating thing about CBs is that they allow you to communicate with people you don't know, but who are passing through or are within your reception range.

In the '80s and '90s, they were the Whatsapp and Telegram of the situation: instead of writing a message, you started communication with a "breaker breaker" and heard who was online.

Using a CB today to communicate brings back the charm of listening to a voice, without knowing who is behind the microphone, focusing only on what has to be said, without all the context that social media allows you to build.

We at Midland have been accompanying CB enthusiasts since the early '80s, and many have chosen to share their stories with us (if you're interested in learning more, you can read the Midland Stories column!). Thanks to the CB radios, We are thrilled that many of our most loyal customers have fallen in love or made lifelong acquaintances.

During the lockdown, many chose to practice digital detox by dusting off their old CBs or buying a new one: this allowed many people to feel less isolated and to share not only the most difficult moments but also the most beautiful ones.

If you are thinking of doing a little digital detox, but can't completely disconnect from communications, Midland walkie-talkies and CBs are waiting for you!