CB for your camper: what is it for and how to choose it

6 September 2021

Are you a camper enthusiast and haven't found a quick and comfortable way to communicate with other travelers yet? CB radio is the answer for you. Stay connected with the campers on the road and exchange useful traffic information even when your phone is out of order. 

This year Midland dedicated to the world of campers a product made on the basis of the needs of those who regularly travel in campers: here is the Midland 88.

What is the CB for

The CB is a transceiver through which you can talk and exchange useful information with other travelers such as traffic information or simply exchange a chat. 

Thanks to the antenna placed on the vehicle, the radio signal is guaranteed, which is why the CB is also a great tool for safety on the road. 

How to use a CB

If you are a camper, the channels dedicated to you are 11 and 15. Here you will find other campers and engage in discussions on the route and find useful information.

The most experienced CB users use a dedicated language, made of numbers and acronyms, to communicate with each other: a real amateur radio “slang”. No fear, however, for those who are novices, communicating with the CB is possible even without abbreviations and abbreviations!

One of the fundamental rules of CB communication is the unique dialogue, that is, without overlapping between interlocutors. When other users are talking in fact, it's best to avoid pressing the PTT button so they don't interrupt.

Here are a few little tips to communicate more clearly with the CB:

  • Place the microphone close to the mouth without touching it with your lips to get voice yield clearer

  • Avoid talking out loud

  • Start talking for a second after pressing the PTT key and finish before releasing it, so as to avoid parting off the start and end of your communication

  • Short breaks between broadcasts are an audio signal to exploit and recognize to start the conversation;

  • It may be useful to leave the channel free for urgencies, so it's best to avoid too long transmissions

  • Even if many become friends thanks to CB channels, it is still a free transmission and there may also be strangers to listening: do not openly give private information and general information

The advantages of the CB

One of the advantages of the CB is the versatility of the radio signal, allowing it to be found without having to rely on a cellular network. All you need is the CB and an antenna located externally on the vehicle. 

CB radio is a means of communicating freely without additional fees, whether it's mountain of woods or boundless deserts, communication via radio, needs only users equipped with CB and antenna.

Better a fixed or portable CB?

There are two types of CB: fixed and portable. Both have strengths and weaknesses. 

The fixed CB, being powered by the vehicle, has no limits in autonomy and is equipped with a greater transmission distance than a portable CB. The portable CB on the other hand is very useful and convenient for adventures on the ground near the vehicle (maximum range of 2 km), which often intersperses a motorhome trip.

Their combined use is a complete choice, which is why the camperist's kit leaves room for both models. 

Alan 42 DS - The portable CB

The Alan 42 DS is a portable CB transceiver, perfect for experiences and adventures on the ground. 

This model features digital squelch and ANL and Noise Blanker filters that eliminate noise caused by external sources and make audio cleaner and clearer. Thanks to this multi standard apparatus it is possible to select any European band and operate in all countries of the European Union.

Here is the complete list of all the features:

  • Multiband

  • Power: 1W/4W depending on country

  • BY: Digital Squelch

  • ANL/Noise Blanker Filters

  • Emergency channel (EMG)

  • Keypad lock (LOCK)

  • Battery status indicator

  • High-low power (H-L)

  • Display backlight button

  • AM-FM selection

  • SCAN function, Dual Watch

  • Antenna socket: BNC

  • Powered by 8 AA or 12V batteries

  • 2 pin accessory socket

Midland 88 - The fixed CB

The CB Midland 88 is a versatile and easy-to-use radio suitable for all campers. The Midland 88 fits easily on any surface and is compatible with all DIN compartments; alternatively, you can attach the radio to the glass with the suction cup clip. 

The Midland 88 features an aluminum chassis that makes the device strong and durable, a large multi color TFT display that makes the markings clearly visible, the Noise Blanker noise filter that eliminates background noise and a universal 12/24 V power supply.

The radio turns on automatically and thanks to the UP, DOWN and priority channels directly on the microphone, you can switch channels intuitively and quickly. 

The Midland 88 is a multi-band that can be used both on FM and AM frequencies, it is therefore suitable for communicating even beyond national borders by having European frequencies.

Some of the most important functions of the Midland 88 are: the ability to store up to 4 channels, the Dual Watch feature thanks to which you can always keep two channels under control, the implementation of the Roger Beep, an acoustic signal that communicates the closure of the communication and the automatic digital squelch adjustable on several levels.

Here are all the features of the Midland 88:

  • multiband 


  • Ultra thin, only 77mm!

  • 12/24V power supply

  • 3 different mounts included: mounting bracket, DIN bracket, suction cup holder

  • Aluminium chassis

  • Large color TFT display

  • Multi-level adjustable digital automatic squelch

  • Emergency channels 9/190

  • Noise Blanker and HIC filters

  • Auto power on

  • 4 channel memories

  • Public Address (PA) function

  • Priority Up/Down/Channel Microphone

  • S-Meter

  • Dual Watch, Roger Beep

  • External speaker jack

  • 6 pin microphone connector