Motorhome holidays: advice and equipment by “5 in camper”

30 June 2022
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The motorhome is not only a means of transport, but a real passion. Those who know this passion closely know how important it is to be able to communicate on the road. CB radios make it easy to get traffic information from other travelers or have a chat to meet new motorhome enthusiasts.

Discover the advice and equipment of Matteo and Valeria who, together with their children Benedetta, Federica and Giovanni, have decided to give new life to their holidays!

1) Who’s hiding behind “5 in camper”? 

“No one is “hiding” because behind the scenes of the project there are the same people who are seen in front of the lens: we are a family made up of Matteo and Valeria, two content creators of Perugia, and 10-year-old Benedetta, 8-year-old Federica and 5-year-old Giovanni. The whole family takes an active part in the design and creation of videos for the Youtube channel.”

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2) When and how did your passion for motorhome come about?

“Perhaps the passion has always been there: with every trip we made together, our eyes fell on campers. We love the idea of taking their own home on vacation. This platonic love remained until the purchase of the camper. Until then we had never climbed into it, not even as guests. Then in 2019, the approach to our holidays changed definitively: just start the engine and live the magic.”

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3) What is the next trip you have planned?

“We are planning two trips in August to opposite destinations, both from a geographical and experiential point of view: the Dolomites and the Calabrian Ionian Sea.”

4) How did you find out about our company? Which Midland products do you use?

“We have known the world of CB since adolescence and, as we know, the quintessential brand associated with the 'baracchino' is certainly Midland. Starting to travel by motorhome, we realized that the CB is still widely used and so our interest in the world of radio communication increased.”

5) Which Midland product can you no longer do without?

“Probably our trusted M5, the most immediate and effective means of communication during the trip. With the M5 it is easy to drive in company or keep up to date in real time on the road thanks to the reports of other road users. In addition, we are very fascinated by the idea of being able to talk in a completely random way with other travelers.”

The strength of the M5 is to have everything at hand. Thanks to the buttons and the display placed directly on the microphone, communication management is more immediate and effective. In addition, the small size of the radio body allows it to be placed comfortably in the glove compartment.

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6) What are the best features of our CBs and antennas?

“Definitely the general quality and reliability: you can feel very well that you have in your hands a communication tool on which you can rely. In particular, we were able to install our new RV 65 antenna on the camper in an easy and non-invasive way.”

The RV 65antenna is the latest addition to Midland. Thanks to the magnetic holder it is possible to place the antenna near the glass, making the installation simple and non-invasive.

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7) How do your children use walkie talkies?

Walkie talkies are exclusively used by children: they use them to communicate with other crews when we travel in a group, but especially when we are at our destination. Children are autonomous within the structures that host us and thanks to the walkie talkie we are able to stay in touch with them and call them back in case of need. Finally, they are an incredible hobby, it is possible to play a revisited version of hide and seek: who seeks can chat with those who have hidden.

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Watch the “5 in camper” videos on Youtube and get ready for the next vacation!