Best of Midland 2023

27 December 2023

As the year draws to a close, it's tradition to look back together with our community.

Amidst the magical and reflective holiday atmosphere, it's time to reflect and celebrate the best moments that marked this 2023.

Events, milestones, and new challenges have cemented the sense of belonging within our loyal community, whom we'll never cease to thank!

Let's revisit together the most significant milestones of 2023.

Eicma 2023

Could it have gone any better? This edition exceeded our expectations: an unprecedented event that drew 560,000 visitors from across Europe, solidifying this setup as the best in Eicma's history. This year, we aimed to gift our community with a storytelling experience rooted in love for the past, connecting them to our historical products like the Alan 48 or Alan 68. Starting from the 80s, we created a stand and a vibe reminiscent of cult films like Tron, which deeply engaged our most loyal fans.

Joining us were influencers @bikerflyy, @stefidem, @chapas_biker, playing a pivotal role in narrating the brand and products to the audience.

Last but not least, the true protagonists of EICMA: the brand-new R1 Mesh intercom and the Bike Guardian Pro.

The R1 Mesh is an intercom designed for group communications, featuring dual Mesh and Bluetooth processors ensuring stable connections with multimedia displays. The Crystal Voice Processing function enhances and clarifies voices.

The Bike Guardian Pro is a 2k resolution dashcam, always connected via integrated WiFi allowing live streaming and remote image control via a smartphone or tablet. The adjustable microphone sensitivity is optimized for excellent audio output in noisy environments to minimize disturbances.

Cyberspace Giveaway


With enthusiasm, we prepared in advance for Eicma this year, announcing a special initiative before the motorcycle fair: the "Cyberspace Giveaway." The Midland community was invited to enter the contest for a chance to win one of the 3 prizes related to the world of motorcycles, including the R1 Mesh intercom. From the outset, the atmosphere was full of expectations and interest, drawing over 3,500 entrants, all hoping to be among the lucky winners. This initiative underscored the strong bond between Midland and its community, generating an exciting anticipation to discover the innovations the company had specifically designed for them. 

Launch of the new R1 Mesh intercom


Once again, our team of technicians aimed to amaze the numerous Midland customers in the world of two-wheelers with the introduction of a brand-new product: the R1 Mesh. Featuring a unique and appealing design, this device boasts hybrid Bluetooth and Mesh technology, offering top-notch performance at an advantageous price. With the RCF audio experience and the newly simplified user interface, this model represents a successful milestone that blends performance and appeal accessible to everyone.

Journey through Latin America


This year, the Midland team embarked on several overseas journeys to participate in crucial events aimed at strengthening our presence in the motorcycle intercom sector in Latin America. Let's revisit them together:

  • Feria de las 2 Ruedas 2023 - Medellin, Colombia (May 4-7): Held in Medellin, it stands as one of the largest motorcycle exhibitions in Latin America. This event serves as a meeting point for manufacturers, enthusiasts, and industry professionals. Midland's participation was crucial in presenting our product range in a prominent context, generating considerable interest and brand awareness;

  • Expo Feria 2 Ruedas - Cuenca, Ecuador (July 1-2): This is an important motorcycle exhibition, although relatively smaller in scale compared to similar events. Nonetheless, it served as a significant platform for Midland to showcase our presence and highlight our product offerings in the Ecuadorian market;

  • Feria Liverpool - Mexico (September - Every weekend): A series of monthly events attracted a broad audience interested in the world of motorcycles. These regular meetings provided Midland with the opportunity to establish ongoing connections with Mexican motorcycle enthusiasts, presenting our brand in an engaging and prominent setting;

  • Expo Feria 2 Ruedas Quito - Quito, Ecuador (September 30 - October 1): This represents the main event in the motorcycle sector of this country. Midland's participation emphasized our commitment to the Ecuadorian market, allowing us to solidify our position and expand brand awareness;

  • Salon Internacional de la Motocicleta 2023 - Mexico (October 26-29): It stands as the most important motorcycle fair in Central America. Midland's participation in this event strengthened our presence in the region, significantly increasing visibility and interest in our products.

Partnership with Big Rock School


We are proud to have once again taken our two-way radios to the United States alongside the adventurous students from Big Rock School. These explorers are eager to discover the world and live adventures immersed in the natural landscapes of some of the world's most famous states, exploring the joy of communication on the move. From Treviso to the USA, the G7 Pro and G9 Pro walkie-talkies have been faithful travel companions for the students, as they discovered the wonders of Death Valley.

Camper Fair 2023 and the Launch of Customized Kits


The Camper Fair was a memorable event for the Midland community, experienced alongside friends and brand ambassadors from 5inCamper. In a vibrant atmosphere of enthusiasm, we showcased the latest in radios and CBs for camper enthusiasts. The booth served as a valuable meeting point to share experiences, and opinions with our staff, and unveil the two new kits specifically tailored to meet the needs raised by the community: the Camper Kit and the Camper Pro Kit for the more experienced. Visitors found inspiration and support for their upcoming camper journeys, exchanging ideas and itineraries to explore with family or friends. It was an extraordinary experience, allowing all participants to share memories, passions, and a few laughs!

Open-air Glamping and the Team Work Kit

2023 saw us involved in many different contexts: from motorcycling to 4x4 adventures, even experiencing outdoor activities purely for relaxation. That's why, at Midland, we decided to explore one of this year's trends up close: Italian-style glamping. And what better occasion than to take the whole family on vacation? We visited the Hu Norcenni Girasole Village and throughout the entire stay, together with the local staff, tested the potential of Midland radios used in workplaces like this. The Team Work Kit with 4 walkie-talkies is a perfect ally when there's a need to communicate within workgroups in an outdoor setting.