From Tron to Mesh: how was EICMA

6 December 2023

EICMA, the most important international fair dedicated to the world of two wheels, has recently ended, and we are still excited.

But let's start from the beginning because this year we decided to take you on a journey into the past, then catapult you directly into the future.

If you stopped by our booth, you know exactly what we're talking about. If you couldn't make it, let us tell you what happened during the days of the fair.

If we say Kevin Flynn, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Obviously, Tron is the 1982 masterpiece that probably accompanied you during your childhood or adolescence.

You should know that Tron was not only a cult film for an entire generation but also the first to focus on virtual reality and one of the first films to extensively use computer graphics. In essence, it depicted an imaginary future world, yet the film itself was already the future of cinema.

Our programmer Kevin Flynn had created the Light Cycles, ultra-fast motorcycles with futuristic designs, for the motorized labyrinth video game (how could we forget them, right?).

It was a movie, but the idea of an ultra-fast and innovatively designed motorcycle perfectly embodies the leap towards a future that seemed unattainable in the '80s, while today it is almost commonplace.

Thus, at the center of the Midland stand for EICMA 2023, we chose to bring the Light Cycle, Tron's motorcycle that thousands of you photographed. We thought there was no better way to announce the two new products from Midland that draw a clear line with the past. 

Retro Future Becoming Reality

Since the '70s-'80s, numerous films have speculated and tried to imagine what the future could be like. Almost all imagined it with neon-lit cities, LED displays, and highly advanced technology collaborating with humans until it rebels (except Mad Max, who didn't have great feelings about the future).

Robocop, Terminator, Back to the Future, and even Tron envisioned a future where technology would be prevalent in human life.

And here we are: because today, technological progress has allowed us to simplify and speed up many actions we perform in everyday life, such as communication.

The innovations we presented at EICMA, the R1 Mesh intercom, and the Bike Guardian Pro dash cam, are what could only be dreamed of as the future in the '80s but have now become a reality.

Being able to speak on a motorcycle with friends, clearly, simply, and immediately, as well as having an onboard camera that records possible accidents and becomes a true action cam, exemplifies how technology (if used correctly, as Tron teaches us) will make our lives simpler and safer.

R1 Mesh Intercom


R1 Mesh is the intercom that combines MESH technology with Bluetooth technology, surpassing the limitations of the latter to ensure fluid and dynamic communication among groups of motorcyclists.

This intercom is characterized by great connection stability and CVP - Crystal Voice Processing technology that ensures a clear and powerful voice. Motorcyclists can choose between two different modes:

  • Mesh Dynamic Repeat - up to 6 people communicating and 99 listening within a range of 2.2 km;

  • Bluetooth Intercom - up to 3 people communicating within a distance of 500 meters between devices.

The R1 Mesh intercom follows the OBI - Open Bluetooth Intercom protocol, of which we have been promoters, to ensure maximum compatibility between intercoms of all brands.

Additionally, the R1 Mesh is super waterproof even in extreme conditions and easily attaches to the helmet with the magic lock fastening.

Unlike Sci-Fi movies where the future was made up of complex computers only usable by programmers, at Midland, we believe the future should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, our priority is to simplify the use of our devices as much as possible. That's why the R1 Mesh is perfect even for those unfamiliar with the installation and use of intercoms: you don't even need instructions, its use is immediate!

Bike Guardian Pro Dash Cam


Dash cams for motorcyclists serve as safety tools to record any accidents and provide evidence of causes and responsibilities.

Bike Guardian Pro adds an important feature to its performance, becoming a true action cam with a resolution of up to 2K.

It's the dash cam with the highest resolution from Midland and can record your journey for up to 2 hours in 2K mode with an integrated microphone and speaker.

It's equipped with a Sony sensor and internal stabilizer, making the recordings super sharp and vibration-free. Moreover, it's certified IP65 waterproof, making it suitable for even the most extreme situations. The Bike Guardian Pro is always connected to Wi-Fi, meaning you can also stream the recordings live.

The Bike Guardian Pro is tested even for the speeds of Tron's Light Cycles: try it to believe it!