What type of Midland are you? Motorcycle, outdoor, camper... some tips for your vacations!

10 August 2023

For many years, we at Midland have been providing communication tools to make our users' experiences as reliable and efficient as possible! Whether you're a motorcyclist, outdoor enthusiast, or camper, we at Midland work to find the communication solution that suits you best!

As the summer holidays approach, we thought of sharing some small tips to facilitate your journey!

Traveling by motorcycle? Here are our tips before the holidays!

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If you have planned an exciting motorcycle trip, a reliable intercom can make a difference. Before hitting the road and starting your adventure, there are a few things to know to make your journey even more enjoyable and safe. Here are our tips:

  • Easy Pairing - Before you depart, make sure you have correctly paired your intercom with your travel companions. In the support area, choose your intercom and follow the instructions for easy and fast pairing. With just a few clicks, you'll be ready to communicate clearly and smoothly throughout the journey.

  • Rider-Passenger Communication - The intercom is a valuable tool to improve communication between the rider and the passenger. During the trip, you can exchange impressions of the scenery, suggest stops, and enjoy each other's company. Make your motorcycle journey a unique sharing experience.

  • Group Coordination - If you're traveling with other motorcyclists, the intercom allows for simple and efficient coordination. Use the intercom to stay in touch throughout the route. You can alert each other about stops, unforeseen events, or changes in the itinerary, making the trip organized and fun.

  • Listening to Music and Navigation - Utilize your Midland intercom's connectivity feature to connect it to your smartphone and enjoy your favorite music, follow GPS navigation directions, or answer calls.

  • Respecting Road Rules - Finally, remember that even though the intercom allows easy communication, road safety should always be your priority. Always focus on driving and use the intercom only when it's safe to do so, avoiding dangerous distractions.

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Ready for your mountain vacation? Some tips for you!

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For those who love the mountains, hiking, or climbing, staying connected is a priority. For many years, we have been producing walkie-talkies and emergency devices designed for outdoor use. If you're heading for your adventurous high-altitude vacation, here are some tips that might be useful for you:

  • Communicate when your smartphone is off - When using a cell phone, consider that network coverage may not be constantly available. In bad weather, there may be difficulties in signal reception, and the recipient of the call must also be in an area with signal coverage. Moreover, battery life tends to be reduced in smartphones. For this reason, having a walkie-talkie is essential during outdoor outings.

  • Use dedicated channels - Many devices, including the Midland G13, one of our most performing walkie-talkies, have 8 PMR446 channels that guarantee low line congestion, and channel 8 is dedicated to the use of the Radio Montana Network to ensure maximum safety when you're in a mountainous area, in case of emergencies or prevention.

  • Don't forget emergency devices - Last but not least, there are emergency devices, useful for dealing with difficult situations during or facilitating long outdoor trips that involve camping. Multi-function devices like the ER200 or ER300 serve as power banks, AM/FM radios, and dynamo torches, while the Midland EK30 and EK35 kits are tailor-made for those on outdoor vacations.

Are you a camper? Some practical tips before you set off!

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Vacationing in a camper becomes a true lifestyle, and every camper knows it well! Those who are fond of this experience know how crucial it is to be able to communicate on the move using reliable and durable devices. Getting traffic information from other travelers or exchanging conversations with fellow enthusiasts becomes easy and immediate through the use of CB radios. Here are our tips:

  • Equip yourself with a reliable antenna - Before you leave, it's essential to be sure about the reliability, reception level, and performance of your antenna. A device like the RV 65, besides providing excellent performance, is less invasive and easy to install, thanks to its practical magnetic attachment.

  • Get a high-performing CB radio - Naturally, besides the antenna, the CB radio is undoubtedly the essential element for communication for every camper. A device like the CB M5 can be very useful because, with controls and displays directly on the microphone, managing communication becomes more immediate and efficient. Furthermore, the compact and reduced size of the radio body allows for convenient placement in the glove compartment.

Not just CB! - If many campers like you travel with family or in a group, it can be useful and fun to equip yourselves with walkie-talkies to entertain communication during the journey or once you reach your destination! Traveling with children, for example, a device like the Midland XT5 becomes a useful ally to lighten the journey... while having fun!