Walkie-Talkie Accessories: which ones are essential?

17 July 2023

Walkie-talkies are an indispensable tool for outdoor activities, whether it's for work or leisure. The functionalities of these two-way radios are clear:

  • they allow for timely communication;

  • they overcome the problem of a lack of phone network;

  • they increase the safety level for you and your team.

However, there are situations in outdoor settings where you may not have the luxury to hold the radio at all times. Other times, you might encounter significant noise that makes it challenging to understand radio communications clearly. In all these cases, certain accessories become crucial, simplifying communication and enhancing efficiency.

Here are the essential accessories you can't do without when using your walkie-talkie!

Earpieces and Microphones for Two-Way Radios

If you engage in hunting, driving, work on a construction site, or any outdoor activity that requires you to stay focused and keep your hands free, indispensable accessories for your communications are earpieces/microphones for radios.

These accessories, which connect directly to the radio through a 2-pin plug, allow you to initiate communications without having to touch the radio itself. You can simply activate the microphone, which clips onto your clothing. Additionally, they enable you to listen to conversations with other members of your team through the earpiece, ensuring clarity, background noise reduction, and privacy.

Earpieces/microphones for radios are affordable, incredibly easy to use, and can make a real difference. But how do you choose the right one for your two-way radio?

You can choose between palm microphones and earpiece microphones with coiled or pneumatic cables, depending on your preferences and the type and model of the radio you own. 

MA21 by Midland

iPhone 14 Pro – 16.2.jpg

The MA21 line of microphones and earpieces consists of 8 different models of question mark-shaped microphones/earpieces, each of which is compatible with specific Midland walkie-talkie models. They are the ideal choice for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts, allowing you to focus on your activities without ever having to hold the radio.

For the 777Pro model, the MA21 777Pro with PTT is available, which has specific compatibility and is particularly suitable, for example, if you run a local business and need to communicate quickly with your entire team (e.g., bars, restaurants, or nightclubs). These are 2-pin microphones and earpieces with coiled cables, and the microphone can be easily clipped onto clothing.

For those seeking a listening-only solution, the MA21-KE model is also available.

MA25 and MA26 by Midland

The MA25 line was designed for those who need a professional palm microphone to keep the walkie-talkie securely attached to the belt. These professional shoulder microphones are suitable for construction workers who require efficient and immediate communication with their team, using durable tools.

The MA25-M is compatible with models G15, G18, and Midland Arctic, the two-way radio designed for maritime communications. Meanwhile, the MA25-LK is compatible with models G10-G11-G13-CT990-CT590-CT310.

The MA26 line also offers a palm microphone/speaker with a 2-pin and L-shaped connector for your leisure outdoor activities. The MA26-XL is perfectly compatible with the XT line of walkie-talkies, designed for your adventures in nature, as well as models G7-G9 and Alan 42 DS CB.

MA31 with Pneumatic Earpiece

iPhone 14 Pro – 16.jpg

Finally, you can choose from various models of the MA31 line, characterized by a pneumatic earpiece. What is it?

These earpieces feature a pneumatic tube at the end that comes into close contact with the ear. The pneumatic tube channels sound waves to the earpiece embedded in the ear canal. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the tube is empty or, more precisely, contains only air, and it is this air that propagates the sound waves, ensuring isolation from any type of radiation and electromagnetic waves.

This solution is widely used by security agents but can also be extremely useful in other professional fields, such as those working in venues (bars, restaurants, nightclubs) or construction sites, as well as for outdoor enthusiasts.

For those in the venue business, the best option is the MA31 777 PRO, compatible with the 777 PRO radio, while for construction workers, the recommended microphones are the MA31 M and the MA31 SECURE TX.

The MA31 line is perfect for you if you're looking for a pneumatic microphone/earpiece: always check our website for compatibility with your Midland walkie-talkie!

Accessories are what prolongs the life of your radio: at Midland, we know this well, and every product we create is designed to be your loyal work or adventure companion. Midland accessories are always available to complete your kit or replace broken parts!