Traveling by motorcycle: the best intercoms to enjoy the trip

22 April 2022
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Dear bikers, have you already planned your next tour? Traveling by motorcycle is wonderful especially with accessories that include aesthetics and performance: that is an advantage for everyone. 

Have you ever wondered how to listen to music through your helmet? How can you communicate with your travel team? How to pick up the phone during your trip? Midland intercoms meet all these needs: in fact, the intercom changed the experience on two wheels, making communication easier during the trip, thanks to connecting multiple devices even at the same time. All this in total safety so you never get distracted while driving. 

Follow this short guide and leave equipped for the next tour.. traveling by motorcycle becomes a real experience with the right device.

Entry level intercom 

People that move in short urban sections, or who like to travel alone listening to their favorite music, it’s important to have a good intercom. 

BT GO Uni is the perfect system for those who want to approach the world of intercoms for the first time: in fact, thanks to this device it’s possible to turn on pilot-passenger conversations and listen to the music eliminating external noise thanks to the DSP system. 

bt go uni.jpg

The perfect intercom bike to bike 

If you are looking for a device that allows you to communicate with another bike during longer trips, without removing the aesthetics of the helmet, the BT Mini is your right intercom. Easy to install and easy to use, this device allows you to have your smartphone or navigator always connected and loud music.

The second intercom that allows you to communicate bike to bike is the BTX1 Pro S, a model that connects 4 people in conference mode or in one to one mode with a range of up to 800 meters. If you usually travel with a second motorcycle, think about these models and enjoy your next itinerary. 

btx1 pro s.jpg

The best intercom for a weekend on two wheels

The new BTR1 Advanced intercom is the best model for price and performance. This model, thanks to the conference mode, allows 4 people to converse with each other at a 1,2 km distance between bike and bike. The technology of the BTR1 Advanced allows 2 smartphones connected, to listen to incoming messages from GPS navigators and to communicate with the main connectivity and control systems through TFT displays. The sound quality and sound system are designed and built directly by the RCF brand. Are you ready to enjoy the next weekend on two wheels in the company of the new Midland intercom model? 

High-performance intercoms for team communication 

Our best model to support group conversations is the BTX2 Pro S LR and the Rush RCF. Thanks to this model, you can chat with your travel team and at the same time listen to the GPS indications or your favorite playlist in the background. The BTX2 Pro S LR can connect 8 people (4 bikes) up to 1.6 km away. Are you thinking of going on a two-wheel tour in good company? Choose this model and stay connected with your travel companions during the journey. 

btx2 pro s lr.jpg

The top of the range intercom

If you're a motorcyclist aiming for maximum performance, you can't miss our top-of-the-range intercom: the Rush RCF. This latest generation model, thanks to the “Mesh Conference” technology, offers group communication maximum performance in all conditions. The main advantage for bikers is a free communication, because you can enter or leave the conversation whenever you want, automatically and at the same time you can connect with 10 people within a 1.4 km distance from you. Thanks to the Dynamic Repeat function, it is possible to communicate with up to 6 people over a distance of 3.5 km.

The top-of-the-range model is also good for its sound: in fact, thanks to the audio system developed by RCF it allows for more defined bass, 50% more intelligibility, maximum clarity and sound definition and background noise reduction of up to 80%.

If you are looking for a top-of-the-range intercom, with a compact design, with maximum performance and unprecedented audio, find out more about the Rush RCF now!

rush RCF.jpg

Moto Excape trip to Israel with Midland intercoms

If you have found the intercom that best suits your needs, you just have to be inspired by the fantastic trip of Moto Excape in Israel, through the streets, history, cities and deserts of this country. The Negev Desert, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem were the main stages of the journey that managed to warm the hearts and senses of these young travelers. Thanks to our intercoms, each of them was able to find their own soundtrack, with the certainty of remaining connected at all times with their traveling companions and receiving the navigation instructions directly inside them helmet.

Relive Moto Excape's journey through the most evocative places in the South of Israel.

moto excape.jpg

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