The Midland Days are back! Discover the 2024 tour

5 March 2024
Midland day 2024 NEWS

The Midland Days are an opportunity for a calm meeting among motorcycle enthusiasts, offering the chance to visit some of the best-specialized stores in Italy. During these events, enthusiasts can explore, in a serene and welcoming environment, the latest news in the field of motorcycle intercoms, an important element for those looking to enhance their riding experience.

Our team will be available to provide assistance and advice in choosing the most suitable Midland intercom for one's needs and to ensure a helmet installation service. This moment will allow participants to personally assess the quality and functionalities of Midland intercoms, designed to make riding safer and more enjoyable, keeping the rider updated on new available technologies.

The event will also be an opportunity to take advantage of exclusive promotions and offers designed for those wishing to get closer to Midland technology and improve their communication experience during travel. The Midland Days are intended for those who want to explore the possibilities offered by motorcycle intercoms in a context of calm sharing and common discovery.

We therefore invite you to participate in the Midland Days, for a discreet but meaningful experience in the motorcycle world, where communication becomes a key element for a more conscious and connected ride. It is an occasion to meet other enthusiasts, exchange experiences, and, above all, share the passion for two wheels in a more intimate and personal way.

Discover the Midland Day Tour 2024

  • March 16 | Motoabbigliamento – Reggio Emilia (RE)

  • March 23 | Oram – Modena (MO)

  • March 30 | Motorama by Motocard – Florence (FI)

  • April 6 | Canella Moto – Castel Mella (BS)

  • April 13 | Market 2 Ruote – Castelfranco Veneto (TV)

  • April 20 | Sestamarcia - City of San Marino

  • May 11 | Quinzi Moto – Viterbo (VT)

  • May 18 | Oram – Modena (MO)

  • May 25 | Valeri Sport – Cornuda (TV)

  • June 8 | Enneci 2 – Città Sant'Angelo (PE)

  • June 15 | Ricci Moto – Sant'Andrea delle Fratte (PG)