Teo on the road… for a new adventure!

7 June 2022
intervistsa Matteo

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Get inspired by the story of Matteo, aka teo_on_the_road: a boy born with a passion for engines who managed to make his dream come true at the age of 18. Read the interview!

Who is hiding behind Teo_on_The_Road?

“Teo is a 34 years old boy in love with a passion for engines since he was a child.”

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When and how did your passion for two wheels start?

“My dad has always been a car enthusiast, as a young man he also raced in sometimes. At the age of 18 I managed to realize my forbidden dream: get a motorcycle! It was so hard cos my parents always saw it as a dangerous vehicle.

As soon as I started to have economic independence, I immediately tried to buy one. From there the real spark for the two wheels broke out!

After 15 years of motorcycle riding, I can say that I had a 360-degree experience. Road, track, then Cross and finally, after finding a companion passionate about travel and motorbikes, I started adventouring at 360 degrees... alone and as a couple!”

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How did you find out about our company and what Midland products do you actually use?

“I met Midland about 10 years ago when I bought my first motorcycle intercom, the BTX1 Pro twin pack, to talk to my girlfriend!

Now I use the BTX2 Pro S LR and I'm really happy with this product. I use it both with friends and during outings as a couple with my partner.”

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What do you think are the best features of our intercoms?

“Without a doubt, build quality and attention to detail!

I have had the opportunity to try different brands in these 10 years and I must admit that Midland, starting from the packaging to the control unit itself, is really a great product!”

Which Midland product do you think every motorcyclist should always have with them?

“I think the support for the mobile phone and the intercom are two accessories that in 2022 I do not say are fundamental, but we are not missing. I would no longer be able to do without it for infinite reasons: music on the road to kill boring transfers, calls, warn friends about challenging off-road routes (state of the road and any obstacles), home calls to say: “It's all right, good!”. Even Google maps at your fingertips is always an almost indispensable help!”

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