Practical Guide to the Right Accessories for Your Intercom

29 April 2024
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For over 60 years, our goal has been to make communication on the move simple, fast, immediate, and safe. For this reason, all our motorcycle intercom lines reflect these values and, in addition to ease of use, we also guarantee a long life for each device.


Through our wide range of accessories and spare parts, and thanks to our support service, which offers assistance to our customers with a maximum response time of 48 hours.

Today, communications are moving at an increasingly high speed, and very often technological tools become almost "disposable". However, at Midland, we have chosen a different path: we know what the needs of motorcyclists are and ensuring a long life for intercoms through the development of a range of accessories and spare parts tailored to your needs is fundamental for us.

If you already own a Midland intercom or are considering buying one, in this guide we advise you on which accessories you must have based on your model and your needs.

In this article, we want to give you some tips on choosing accessories for your Midland motorcycle intercom!


Accessories for BTR1 Advanced, Rush RCF, and R1 Mesh

Let's start with an assumption: many motorcyclists own more than one helmet (which they can interchange depending on the season or type of ride) and some, have more than one bike.

The first necessity, therefore, for those who own an intercom, is being able to use it on all helmets worn during the motorcycle season. If you own a Midland Rush RCF or a BTR1 Advanced or an R1 Mesh, you can purchase the second helmet kit.

The second helmet kit contains all the accessories needed to properly install your Midland intercom on the second helmet and includes:

  • 2 RCF Audio Experience speakers

  • 2 RCF protein leather ear cushions

  • 2 speaker spacers

  • 1 wired microphone

  • 1 boom microphone

  • 1 magnetic mounting base

  • 1 adhesive mounting base

  • 1 mounting base (clamp, clip, clamp, or other)

If, on the other hand, the need is to replace parts that have been damaged, broken, or lost, accessories and spare parts are available for each component: mount, speaker, microphone, and USB cables for charging and firmware updates.

For the BTR1 Advanced, Rush RCF, and R1 Mesh models, there are also a series of very useful accessories, such as:


RCF Audio Kit Hi-Fi

The RCF Hi-Fi audio kit is a product developed to offer motorcyclists a new audio experience: immersive, yet not isolating.

The audio cushions developed in partnership with RCF ensure Hi-Fi sound quality and great comfort when integrated inside the helmet. The result is that the sound is clear and clean even in conditions of significant background noise, but it does not isolate the biker from external sounds to always ensure maximum safety on the road. The RCF Audio kit is compatible with BT Pro, BT Pro S, BTR, BT Mini, BT Mesh models and is already included in the purchase package of the R Line intercoms (BTR1 Advanced and Rush RCF), while for others it is optional.

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Accessories for the BTX and BT2 line

Audio accessories are essential; for the BTX line intercoms, there is a stereo audio kit that includes speakers and 2 microphones (wired and boom). For the BT2, there is a specific audio kit that includes 2 microphones and 2 speakers.

You can purchase the single base with adhesive if you only need the mounting kit for your BTX series intercom.

Accessories for BT Pro

For the BT Pro line, the available accessories are:

Motociclista_BT Mini.jpg

Accessories for BT Mini

Finally, if you have a BT Mini, the available accessories are:

Accessories for Lokui

If you have a Lokui K30 intercom, the new intercom in the Midland range for bike-to-bike communications, the available accessories are:

Bike Guardian Pro - In Use 8.jpg

Other Midland accessories for your intercom

Midland intercoms can be configured and personalized through the Midland Connect app, but that's not all: with the BTTALK app, you can create groups with your biker friends and exchange voice messages. To do all this, the support of a smartphone is necessary, which, especially while driving, needs a holder so as not to endanger the driver and passengers. Handlebar mounts for smartphones are therefore increasingly important accessories for every biker who wants to communicate on the move, but not only, but also for example to follow a GPS track or listen to the radio. Among all the Midland-branded holders, the new MH - NV (non-vibrations) series has been specifically designed to absorb the micro-vibrations generated by the engine in motion and thus avoid damaging the glass lenses of smartphone cameras. An optimal solution to also ensure a long life for your phone! Besides the handlebar mount, a useful accessory while driving is the BTT Button, a button that you place on the handlebar grip and connect to the smartphone via the BT Talk app to be able to talk and listen, it's waterproof and very low power.

Article updated on April 29, 2024