Portable CB radio and magnetic antenna: a winning combination for every driver

27 January 2023
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From today there is great news for all travelers. Our technical team has designed and created a perfect kit for drivers who love the road and need every comfort to make the adventure on the road enjoyable. 

We are talking about the Kit CB Car, which consists of a functional portable CB and magnetic antenna.

Discover the products that make up the kit. 

The CB Auto Kit

The new Kit CB Car is designed for anyone who travels frequently and needs to stay in constant contact with companions and travelers. The radio that is part of the Car CB Kit is the Alan 42 DS, our most popular portable CB, convenient and handy in and out of the car. 

The versatility and maneuverability of the Alan 42 DS allows travelers accustomed to in and out of the passenger compartment on a frequent basis to continue conversation, which is not possible using a fixed device that involves installation in the vehicle.

The magnetic antenna that completes the kit is the MC45, and because of its work, the CB's range is greatly increased.

Kit CB Auto.jpg

Alan 42 DS

The Alan 42 DS is the ultimate portable CB transceiver. This model is equipped with digital squelch that is automatically activated according to the input signal received and ANL and Noise Blanker filter that improves the cleanliness of the audio by eliminating noise caused by external sources, including those of the vehicle being used.

The Alan 42 DS can be used up to a distance of 8 km from the vehicle by taking advantage of the wide communication range and taking advantage of any European band

Thanks to this CB you will therefore be able to communicate in all EU countries and simultaneously take advantage of the convenience of a portable CB along with its efficiency.


The magnetic antenna

The MC45 included in the kit is an easy-to-use magnetic antenna, in fact thanks to its small size and magnetic base you can install it without drilling holes in the car body. 

The antenna is made of stainless steel, 450 mm long, has a maximum applicable power of 180W and an operating frequency of 26 to 28 MHz.

Finally, for all drivers who do not give up aesthetics, remember that the MC45's small size and modern lines allow the antenna to be displayed on the vehicle without major problems. 


For whom is the new kit recommended?

Our team recommends this kit to all those who not only like to have some company during their travels, but also need a tool that can make them communicate both inside and outside the vehicle without interference and, above all, with a wide range. 

Constantly communicating with other travelers or known companions allows one to chat and stay up-to-date on road conditions, making one's journey safer and more enjoyable. 


If you are looking for a radio to add to your luggage, discover our Kit CB Car now and leave equipped!