Mountain Holidays: 3 tech products to bring along!

20 December 2023

In winter, the allure of the mountains grows stronger, especially if you love skiing, or snowboarding, or if you're an enthusiast of 4x4 adventures. Christmas holidays are the perfect time to plan a snowy week with friends or family. However, this year, in addition to the classic packing list, we provide advice on tech products to bring along that will truly transform your vacation.

Skiing, snowboarding, or 4x4: safety and fun go hand in hand!

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Do you ski or snowboard? Or are you passionate about 4x4 adventures? 

The mountains, especially in winter, are like an amusement park for you. You can challenge yourself on the slopes or have fun along the snowy roads or mountain trails, especially when they're covered in snow.

In all these cases, to ensure a safer experience in nature, being able to communicate fluidly and immediately with adventure companions is crucial.

That's why, if you're an outdoor lover planning to spend a few days at high altitude, one of the first items you can't do without is the walkie-talkie.

The walkie-talkie is a transceiver that allows communication even without cellular network coverage: just press a button, and you can talk to friends or other family members. Its long-lasting battery life is a real plus in the mountains.

Besides communicating with friends and family, if you're a lover of (even extreme) winter sports, you won't want to be without an action cam. Action cams enable you to record videos or take photos on the go because they are stabilized, capturing every moment, even the most adrenaline-fueled ones!

Lastly, if you frequent the mountains, you'll know that unexpected situations are part of the routine. Carrying an emergency kit can contribute to enhancing your safety and engaging in every activity with peace of mind.

Now let's delve into the specifics and see for each type of product what should be in your kit for the Christmas holidays in the mountains! 

Walkie Talkie

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We were saying that the walkie-talkie is the best companion for every moment spent in nature. If you use it with your children, it allows you to monitor them constantly. If used among friends, it enables communication and ensures you don’t lose contact, even when you separate.

All this comes with three significant advantages:

  • long-lasting battery life;

  • no need for cellular network coverage;

  • pressing a button is all it takes to communicate.

There are many models of walkie-talkies that cater to different needs: from entry-level ones, perfect for family use, to professional ones, ideal if, for example, you are an experienced off-roader planning proper expeditions (in this case, a CB might also be useful).

Walkie-talkies are also essential for those who work outdoors. For instance, ski instructors can communicate among various groups, even in emergencies, using this method.

Midland's XT Pro Line was specifically created for outdoor enthusiasts, featuring an extended frequency band, greater robustness, and waterproofing.

The choice of walkie-talkie depends on its intended use. For instance, the XT70 Pro allows communication up to 12 km, offers 12 hours of autonomy, boasts a high level of waterproofing (IPX4), and includes the special channel Rete Radio Montana, crucial in emergencies.

On the other hand, the XT50 Pro has an 8 km communication range and slightly lower waterproofing (IPX2). It's perfect for hiking enthusiasts.

More entry-level models include the Midland XT 30 Pro and the XT 10 Pro, with communication ranges of 6 and 4 km, respectively, and 5 hours of autonomy. They are simple, lightweight, and perfect for communicating with your adventure companion.

The XT 10 Pro is also available in a multicolor version, perfect for use with children. Additionally, for children, there's the colorful XT5 model.

For those using walkie-talkies on ski slopes, such as ski instructors or regular skiers, combining earpieces with their transceivers allows for consistently clear and clean sound. Moreover, it eliminates the need to hold the walkie-talkie to initiate communications, thus increasing safety levels and ensuring quicker responses

Action Cam

Mountains offer breathtaking views, which is why those engaging in high-altitude sports often need to capture what they see and share it on social media or simply with friends as if they were there themselves.

This is where action cams come into play, allowing you to take photos and record videos up to 4K resolution, all while being stabilized, making them perfect for capturing action-packed movements.

At Midland, we've created four different models of action cams:

  • H9 Pro, recording in 4K across 7 video modes and 5 photo modes, is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and an external microphone.

  • H5 Pro is very similar to the H9 model but with fewer features (e.g., lacks the remote control).

  • H3, recording in Full HD but still equipped with built-in Wi-Fi.

  • lastly, there's the H360 Smart, an action cam that can be attached to a smartphone using the USB on-the-go port, recording 360° images.

Emergency Kit

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Those who embrace nature know that unexpected situations can always be around the corner: an injury, a punctured tire, or disorientation can happen to anyone.

To cope with these critical moments and still enjoy the mountains with peace of mind, we've created a series of emergency kits, such as emergency radios and packs composed of walkie-talkies, flashlights, whistles, and thermal blankets.

Emergency radios like the ER 200 - ER 250 - ER 300 are ideal for recharging electronic devices via USB, staying updated with the AM/FM receiver, and having a built-in flashlight.

Moreover, the ER 300 includes an ultrasonic dog recall, and SOS Morse code function, and is rechargeable via dynamo. The ER 250 also charges via dynamo or solar panels, ensuring you're never isolated.

Finally, you can choose between two emergency kits, a basic one composed of walkie-talkies, a flashlight, and a whistle, and a more comprehensive one comprising walkie-talkies, the ER 300 radio, and 4 thermal blankets.

Whatever your passion, you can experience the mountains safely with Midland!