Midland Stories - Alessandro and G9 Plus

10 October 2019
Midland Stories - Alessandro and G9 Plus

Today we introduce #Midlandstories, a virtual space reserved to our community, to tell anecdotes, memories and stories about communications at work, on the road, or during leisure time with our radios and intercoms.

We have a new story from Alessandro, who owns G9 Plus two-way radio: “My friends and I own 4 Midland G9 Plus, we use them when walking at a high altitude, in the mountains, because the area has no coverage. Two years ago we lost one of G9 Plus in a very rough place, 2000 meters high. During this period of time, the G9 Plus has faced heavy snowfall, ice, rain, hail and mud.

Luckily, on Wednesday 10/02/2019, we found the G9 Plus in the same area: the radio was in very bad conditions, due to the dirt. But, after cleaning G9 Plus and removing the battery, - which had not oxidized - and so just cleaned them, G9 Plus was back at work and new. We put G9 Plus under charge and it worked great."

And you? Do you have other stories to tell us? We are waiting for your next #Midlandstories, write to us.