Midland at Eicma 2023: it's finally here

7 November 2023

Midland Europe introduces the first intercom suitable for everyone, including in terms of cost, at EICMA: the R1 Mesh, featuring dual Mesh and Bluetooth processors. Finally, all motorcyclists can benefit from our products to communicate in groups during their journeys and share the road's emotions.

The presence of a dual processor on the R1 Mesh ensures great connection stability thanks to multimedia displays and the Crystal Voice Processing function returns a clear and powerful voice. It is also waterproof, even in extreme water conditions, thanks to innovative nanoparticle technology. The intercom boasts a cool and captivating look and feel, combined with a user-friendly interface. Additionally, the R1 Mesh utilizes the magnetic magiclock attachment system and the RCF audio experience to further enhance the rider's experience.

With the R1 Mesh, group communications can be in two modes: Mesh Dynamic Repeat, with up to 6 people communicating and 99 people listening within a range of up to 2.2km, or Bluetooth Intercom, with up to 3 people communicating with a maximum distance of 500 meters between individual devices.

This latest intercom from Midland follows the OBI (Open Bluetooth Intercom) protocol, providing a universal communication solution. Bikers can choose a Midland, Cardo, or Uclear intercom and easily pair and connect their multi-brand intercoms.

The company, with its headquarters in Reggio Emilia and branches worldwide, continues to invest in the motorcycle sector, where it has achieved leadership through the quality of its products, unique and recognizable design, and unparalleled customer support, resulting in unprecedented customer loyalty.

But the news doesn't end there. Midland also presents Bike Guardian Pro at Eicma, the ultimate dash cam with 2k resolution, designed to ensure total travel safety without compromising video quality. The camera is always connected thanks to integrated WiFi, allowing for live streaming and remote image control using a smartphone or tablet. Adjustable microphone sensitivity is designed for optimal audio performance in noisy environments to minimize external noise.

Bike Guardian Pro can also be used as an action camera, thanks to the adhesive helmet mount and a battery life of 2 hours; a concentration of technology to ensure safety and deliver unparalleled audio and video quality.

Midland is confirmed as an essential partner for every type of biker, whether they are sprinters, explorers, enduro enthusiasts, e-bikers, scooter riders, or tireless travelers. It is by studying the philosophy of motorcyclists that Midland designs and manufactures products for bikers worldwide. They listen to them, follow them on narrow bends and uphill climbs, on dirt roads and desert paths, in cities, and on the track – accompanying them while testing their products for comfort, performance, and durability. It's a journey together, on two wheels.

On Saturday, November 11, and Sunday, November 12, Stefania De Micheli @stefidem and Marta Sui @bikerflyy will be at the Midland Europe booth to bring enthusiasm and energy and share their great passion for two-wheelers!

Join us at Eicma, Hall 13 Stand I72!