G9 Pro White Storm: more performance and new style

3 December 2021
G9 Pro White Storm

Are you a mountain enthusiast? The walkie talkie most loved by outdoor enthusiasts turns white.

We are talking about the G9 Pro, the radio awarded in the product design category at the Red Dot Award 2021, one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.

The G9 Pro White Storm has a range of up to 12Km, a large LCD screen that shows the icons of the activated functions and a double PTT button that allows you an immediate selection of the high and the low power.

White Storm version Advantages

The new version of the G9 Pro is designed for all those who use it in the mountains.

Thanks to the new lithium battery pack, the radio becomes lighter and more durable, two great advantages for those who practice mountain excursions.

This exclusive edition can only be purchased online on our website.


G9 Pro features

The G9 Pro radio has an expanded 30% LCD display, 30% improved audio, and a longer and more powerful antenna. In addition, the double PPT allows you to immediately select the output power in order to dose the battery according to your needs.

This walkie talkie features 8 new frequencies of the PMR446 band, free to use throughout Europe, for communications free from overlapping and congestion of other users. In this way, the G9 Pro reaches 101 overall channels with an extended frequency band (from 446,00625 to 446,19375 MHz).

The performance of the G9 Pro is also improved by the IPX4 waterproof certification that makes the radio resistant to rain and by voice activation that allows you to activate the conversation without using your hands.

In conclusion, the Talk Back function allows you to communicate with your friends and companions without having to wait for the end of the broadcast.

Don't forget that the red button allows you to activate the emergency call.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by this breath of freshness that is coming with the new White Storm version of the G9 Pro: an even more performing walkie talkie that will make your outdoor adventures safer and fun, giving your equipment a new style.