Follow U: the webcam that keeps an eye on you

28 September 2021
Follow U

The new Midland rotating webcam is finally available. With the Follo U webcam you will be always in the frame during your video calls. 

With a simple but functional design, the Follow U webcam can be attached to the screen through very solid support that connects well to computers of various sizes. 

Live Tracking System Feature

Thanks to the innovative LTS (Live Tracking System) function, the webcam is able to recognize the human physiognomy and to follow the interlocutor up to 3 meters away. Finally you will no longer be forced to sit at the desk or leave the frame fixed during a call or a lesson: even by circling the webcam, the latter continues to follow you with precision. Follow U has a horizontal rotation angle of 360 degrees and a vertical one of 120 degrees.

To activate and deactivate this function, just press the button “activation” on the webcam.

Follow U 3.jpg

Very easy connection

Connecting Follow U is really easy. The setup does not require drivers, with the Plug & Play instal the webcam can be immediately used in all its features.

Follow U works on Windows 10, Mac OS and Android 4.0 or later versions and works with many software such as Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook, YouTube, PotPlayer, etc. 

Audio and video quality

Thanks to the FullHD sensor (1080p), the webcam offers excellent quality: clear details and sharp subject contours. The automatic correction of weak light ensures a clear view in case of backlight or low light. The webcam has an opening angle of 90 degrees in order to frame even the closest subjects and optimize tracking by improving the tracking of the subject. 

The audio quality of your conferences is guaranteed thanks to the dual microphones (to the right and left of the lens) and noise suppression that provides clear voice transmission even in noisy environments.

Follow U 2.jpg

Who is Follow U for?

Follow-U is perfect for anyone who needs to make meetings or dynamic video calls. This webcam is very useful especially when product presentations are made where you need to move to show different functionalities, for teachers who want to explain a lesson showing the blackboard or for those who are used to moving a lot when they speak.

Follow U 1.jpg

If you're looking for a complete webcam that follows you as you move, Follow U is the webcam for you. Connect the webcam and let her run after you!