Emergency communication: the essential tools

25 July 2023

How to communicate in emergency situations: tools and practical tips

Finding yourself in an emergency is easier than you might think. Anyone who engages in outdoor activities like mountaineering, trekking, or simply spending time camping in nature can encounter critical situations.

Moreover, unfortunately, facing floods, earthquakes, or any other climate-induced calamity is becoming increasingly common.

In all these situations, one thing can ensure your safety: communication.

Being able to communicate with rescue teams, the rest of your group, or your family in a simple, quick, and immediate manner can turn even the worst misadventure into a tale to tell.

We all know how wonderful it is to spend our free time in nature, but to do so, precautions must be taken. Additionally, disaster prevention will become increasingly crucial, which is why communication even in the most extreme situations is not a hobby but a necessity we all have!

At Midland, for over 60 years, we have focused on facilitating mobile communication, especially in delicate situations. We understand the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and those requiring reliable communication tools for critical scenarios.

That's why being by your side with dependable and durable instruments is our primary mission.

How to Manage Outdoor Emergencies

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Imagine preparing your backpack for a mountain hike. What would you include? 

Definitely among the priorities are:

  • water

  • cellphone

  • weather-appropriate clothing

  • food and snacks

  • trail map

  • sleeping bag and tent (for overnight stays)

Many novice hikers, when choosing to spend time in nature, don't consider equipping themselves with an emergency communication kit

However, having one can significantly increase personal safety, as complex situations can arise. For example:

  • getting lost in the woods;

  • getting caught in a sudden snowstorm or heavy rain;

  • encountering dangerous wind gusts;

  • sustaining an injury or falling ill.

In such situations, having the tools to communicate with rescuers or people who can help can make a difference.

The first tool to carry is the walkie-talkie, which doesn't suffer from phone reception issues and has a long-lasting battery. 

Walkie-talkies ensure you never lose contact with the group, are easy to use, provide rapid communication, and are resistant to external conditions.

For beginner hikers, a flashlight, a whistle for alarms, and a compass can also be useful. Advanced hikers may consider adding emergency thermal blankets and a power bank for multi-day hikes.

For all these situations, we have developed two emergency communication kits, ready for use and conveniently packed in an easy-to-carry case:

  • EK30 kit for orientation: includes PMR446 Midland XT30 walkie-talkies, rechargeable AAA batteries, a flashlight, and a whistle with an integrated compass;

  • EK35 kit, includes, not only the set of Midland XT30 PMR446 walkie-talkies, but also two sets of AAA batteries, 4 emergency thermal blankets, and the ER300 power bank with connecting cables. It is a true lifesaving kit.

With these kits, you won't have to worry about anything as everything you need for outdoor emergency communication is ready to be packed.

Walkie Talkie XT30: Features

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The Midland XT30 walkie-talkie is designed for outdoor enthusiasts. It's lightweight, user-friendly, and provides communication up to 6 km distance

It can be used without a license and has a 5-hour battery life, rechargeable via USB for convenience.

This compact and rugged transceiver enhances your communication with features like:

  • sidetone for silencing transmission tone;

  • keypad lock;

  • auto power save for battery efficiency;

  • VOX function for voice-activated transmission;

  • CALL function for sending channel call signals;

  • SCAN function for scanning all channels and stopping at signals.

If a walkie-talkie is not necessary to communicate with other group members, you can opt to carry an emergency radio with AM/FM reception. The Midland ER200 and ER300 models are multifunctional devices equipped with AM/FM radio for staying connected, a power bank for charging any device, and a flashlight.

Notably, the ER300 model also features an ultrasonic dog whistle, which is highly useful, for example, in summoning rescue dog teams, and the SOS function in Morse code for sending coded messages.

Managing communications during floods and natural disasters

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In recent years, due to climate change, finding oneself in emergency situations at any time of the year has become all too common. 

Frequent occurrences include floods, storms with powerful winds, extreme heat waves, and freezing periods.

Being prepared to face such situations is crucial. Equipping oneself with technical tools to launch SOS signals or survive in complex conditions is essential

As with outdoor emergencies, communication with the outside world is paramount in natural disasters.

Multifunctional devices, such as the ER200 and ER300 power banks, provide autonomy through dynamo or solar panel charging, AM/FM radio reception, and the ER300's ability to send ultrasonic or Morse code SOS signals.

The EK35 emergency kit can also be useful in natural disasters, especially for its walkie-talkies and emergency thermal blankets to combat hypothermia.

Whatever your needs, whether for hobbies or situations beyond your control, you can rest assured because Midland is always by your side during emergencies.