Elisa Perrone: a passion for hunting and for nature!

6 October 2021
Elisa Perrone

The section dedicated to our ambassadors continues! Today we get to know Elisa Perrone and her passion for hunting more closely. A girl in love with nature and with her passion!

Hello Elisa, thank you first of all for giving us this interview! Who is Elisa?

Elisa Perrone, born in 1997, graduated in agricultural matters for forestry (use, management and woodwork) technical-agronomist, also in training for school staff and influencers for various companies also in the hunting sector.

I’m a nature lover, young huntress and new Canary with a strong propensity for writing and poetry. My greatest passion is hunting wild boar, which I practice in a team in the province of Savona.

I also love sports (swimming, roller skating, enduro, gym, skiing and in a few months, she has become an aspiring cyclist) and cooking (I can assure you that they are also a good fork ).

When and how did your passion for hunting start?

It all started suddenly... like an immense love story. The emotions were strong, and the heart accelerated more and more with each passing second. Everything was born in a mountain village in Alta Val Bormida, where I spent my best childhood: between a smile, an escape and my eyes that shone like stars of happiness.

It was late summer, I remember it very well. I lived in a small village, with most of the nearby hunters; I immediately got out of bed as soon as I heard the dogs howling, it was he, so charming, so man, strong, kissing the dogs wagging their wags from happiness...

It was just five in the morning, it wasn't like me to get up so early, it wasn't like me to hear those sounds so distant, at night I never put on my hearing aid (for bilateral hearing loss). It was all so strange, I was glad I heard sounds that hadn't existed for me until then.

He, C. was happy to see me even though at the same time I noticed him troubled to see me around early in the morning. He knew my parents and wanted me to come home, so as not to make trouble. I begged to go with him at least to see what they were doing and to get to know the other dogs at the meeting point. That's how I found the steering wheel in my hand, in his arms as happy as I had never been.

In me I felt the desire to live a new adventure in the woods, my favorite place, where I always find peace, see the sunrise maybe walking along a path, watching happy dogs, the smiles of people I had by my side.

I had seen a fox, a mouse, a snake, and a roe deer! I felt so much life in such a beautiful place, when people still dreamed and silence reigned. C. held my hand, and for a moment he handed me a leash, and the dog looked at me, smiled at him; everything changed in me from that exact moment.

I was 13 years old, almost 14 when my grandmother passed away... from that moment on I changed my life, country, school, and that's where I felt the transparency of that passion born many years before, that you hardly see it, but you feel it when you miss it, that upsets your heart, like air, like a hurricane. I wanted to relive those exact moments. Sometimes I thought about it, “I'll go hunting someday, I can feel it. I have to. Maybe not today, not tomorrow but someday.” Sometimes I talked about it with my parents, but never did they give him so much importance, in the end it's no surprise... my family was and still is anti-hunting...

The turning point was October 10, 2016: while I was taking the A2 license of the bike, I met a boy (we are still friends). While we were waiting to take the exam, we told each other about our passions and from there I discovered that we had many things in common, including hunting. It was hard at first to accept his invitation to his team, I was afraid, but at the same time I felt the desire in me to grow, to find myself in those moments. In the end I went and I was happy to live moments with them, they taught me many things, they made me laugh. They gave me the opportunity to be reborn, to grow (because of the many responsibilities) and I did it.

All the sacrifices of time, money, quarrels, hidden lessons of the course to take arms... I turned my life upside down for a new one. The road was not easy also because I worked hard to keep all the expenses, which, as everyone knows, are no small expenses, especially for a girl like me and a seasonal job.

I remember my first pans, the crying, the dogs at a standstill, the first boar with the flickering in my hands and legs, the heart pulsating madly, the adrenaline in my veins, my screams on the radio, my baptism and then the second and third boar, unique emotions that made me feel alive. The dinners, the teasing on the radio, the laughter, the quarrels, the difficulties, the disappointments, the victories, the defeats... are all part of this wonderful team that I would not trade for anyone else, for me it is like a family, without any preference.

The things to learn and live, of this beautiful passion were and still are many for me, but the desire to learn and smile will not fade... “because if it makes my heart tremble... it will do it forever, and for me it will be worth it, at any cost.”


How did your passion for walkie talkies come about and why did you choose Midland?

My passion for walkie talkies stems from the idea of sharing one's passion, as well as for one factor that is no less important: safety.

The first memory I have with Midland radio is that of my father who surprised me for my birthday in September and then... walking with my beloved grandmother, in the woods in search of mushrooms, during the autumn period (how many good satisfactions!)

The laughter on the radio, the sharing of emotions and then... the innovation, the quality, the reliability and the seriousness of the company have always captured the interest of my family.

Not only for outdoor activities we chose this company, but also for our identity as motorcyclists (mainly enduro), always staying connected to de-gas in our favorite mule tracks (and that gas).

What Midland product do you think every hunter should always have with them?

From my experience as a hunter,  I think that the best thing to advise is to always have a walkie talkie with you and for those who want — very useful for hunting in batting in the post — the earphones. I have the G9 Pro Blaze edition, dedicated to my type of hunting: the wild boar, fluorescent orange, for safety above all! Another product that I always carry with me is the ER300, which is very useful for recharging mobile phones and other equipment/tools in case of emergency.

For adventurers, however, I would recommend, as I have, the H9 action camera to capture our hunting moments, to be able to share them with their friends while also making fun of us (especially when someone frying pan! there, wonderful films come out!).

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