BT Mini: the world's first intercom approved for ECE 22.06 helmets

13 March 2024
Motociclista BT Mini

The BT Mini from Midland Europe is the world's first intercom to meet the strict requirements of the ECE 22.06 standard and can be applied to helmets with UA certification.

Reggio Emilia, March 11, 2024 - The first intercom that meets the parameters of the ECE 22.06 standard, redefining the safety performance of helmets in almost all countries of the world, including Italy, is signed by Midland. The BT Mini complies with all standards in terms of size, weight, and performance in case of impact, rotation, or compression.

Once again, the Italian company, headquartered in Reggio Emilia, stands out for its contribution to innovation and technology in the motorcycle accessory sector, boasting significant achievements such as the launch of the first bike-to-bike intercom in 2008 and the design of a very extensive range of models that can meet the diverse needs of motorcyclists, from those who travel alone to those who travel in pairs, to groups of motorcyclists.

For almost a year, exactly since July 2023, it has no longer been permitted to produce helmets with the previous standard (standard 22.05) and, although old helmets can still be used, all new models will be required to meet stricter homologation criteria to improve the safety aspects of the motorcyclist.

The new standard requires that every element of the helmet, from the visor to the intercom, must be approved following the new standards, an aspect that was not considered by the previous legislation. As for communication systems, and therefore all intercoms for communication with one's devices or with other passengers or riders, they will have to be homologated together with the helmet as SA (Specific Accessories) or as UA (Universal Accessories) and therefore must receive specific certification. The BT Mini is the first model in the world to obtain such approval, and the entire Midland range has been designed to meet the strict parameters introduced by ECE 22-06.

Once again, Midland Europe can reassure the market and meet the needs of the two-wheeled world in terms of innovation, safety, and support services.