AlpineBike talks about the XT30 Pro walkie-talkie

25 January 2024

"Some people meet by chance, maybe at a bar, start chatting, and fall in love. And then there's us, who met thanks to our passion for sports and the Strava app: a simple fly-by between a guy cycling and a girl running."

Introducing Gaia and Simone, better known as AlpineBike, the outdoor ambassadors who, since the beginning of 2023, have been exploring and bringing Midland to the peaks of Europe! Gaia is passionate about biking, running, skiing, and hiking, while Simone loves summit walks and cycling races!

Some time ago, we had the pleasure of equipping them with a pair of XT30 Pro walkie-talkies for use in maintaining communication during their outdoor adventures! Here's their review!

XT30 Pro Highlights


If you're looking for a practical way to communicate during your outdoor adventures, the Midland XT30 Pro walkie-talkie is the perfect choice for you. It covers up to 6 km in perfect conditions, has easy controls, and the battery lasts up to 5 hours. Plus, it has a robust and durable design! Here are the pros and cons noted by Gaia and Simone:


  • Easy to use

  • Good communication range (6 km)

  • Practical and lightweight

  • Robust design

  • SCAN function and 16 available channels


  • Limited battery life (5 hours)

  • Resists moisture but not water

  • No lithium-ion battery (uses common AAA batteries)

Test Type

Gaia and Simone used the Midland XT30 Pro walkie-talkies during the summer for their mountain hikes and trail running sessions, both at medium and high altitudes. Conditions were sometimes extreme, with rain, bad weather, and test temperatures reaching 10°C. The XT30 Pro proved extremely useful for communication during the maintenance activities of a high-altitude refuge.

Field Test: Design

Gaia and Simone immediately appreciated the ease of use of the XT30 Pro, especially thanks to the physical keyboard with intuitive buttons, comfortable even when wearing gloves. The external materials, made of durable plastic, withstand accidental falls well without damage. Weight and dimensions are optimal, and the rear clip fastening system is effective. This mechanism may slightly hinder the opening of the battery replacement cover, although this operation is not required frequently. In addition, there is a convenient micro USB charging port for AAA batteries.

Field Test: Performance

The declared communication range extends up to 6 km in open spaces. Gaia and Simone tested the Midland XT30 Pro walkie-talkies over shorter distances but with obstacles such as steep woods and nearby valleys. In these circumstances, the maximum distance between the two devices was about 4 km, and the transmission and reception performance were always high. The microphone and speaker proved reliable, with rare static disturbances.

Field Test: Features

Gaia and Simone explored the various features of the Midland XT30 Pro, discovering extremely practical features. Initially, they appreciated the ability to lock the keyboard, achieved by holding down the call button for 3 seconds.

Another relevant safety feature is the call button, which allows sending a signal to everyone tuned to the same channel. In emergencies, this enables sending the signal to multiple people, increasing the chances of receiving a response.

The monitor function captures weak radio signals, extending the radio coverage when the conversation is at its limit. However, it should be noted that this function may result in receiving significant background noise.

On the other hand, the SCAN function analyzes all channels and stops in the presence of a signal (a conversation). Scanning resumes automatically 5 seconds after the signal ceases, a useful tool to check the availability of free channels. The battery life lived up to the stated expectations, ensuring calls and receptions for a continuous period of 5 hours.

Final Evaluation

As you have seen, Gaia and Simone really delved into it! To summarize their experience, here are the ratings they gave to the Midland XT30 Pro:

  • Communication Performance: 10

  • Battery Life: 7

  • Isolation from External Agents: 7

  • Ease of Use: 10

  • Weight and Size: 10

So, if you are looking for a communication system that helps increase safety during your outdoor activities at an affordable price, the Midland XT30 Pro is the device for you.