BT Rush

The BT Rush is the newborn of a new type of intercom based on the “Mesh Conference” technology, developed by Midland to offer group communication maximum performance in all the conditions of use. The BT Rush has also an innovative sound performance, thanks to the partnership developed with the historic brand RCF, a manufacturer of professional audio systems appreciated all over the world, from Hi-Fi to Public Address to large concert audio systems. The experience that both brands have poured into the top of the range BT Rush has allowed us to touch a quality standard that exceeds the expectations of every motorcyclist or scooterist who uses the intercom.

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479.00 € VAT included
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BT Rush
What's in the box
  • 1 device
  • 1 audio kit with High Definition Sound by RCF 40mm stereo speakers
  • 2 bass cushions
  • 2 spacers
  • 1 kit of interchangeable microphone: 1 wired and 1 anti-turbolence with flexible arm
  • 1 magnetic quick mount: with bi-adhesive and with screw clamp
  • 1 wall<br>charger with USB type-C cable
  • 2 devices
  • 2 audio kits with High Definition Sound by RCF 40mm stereo speakers
  • 4 bass cushions
  • 4 spacers
  • 2 kits of<br>interchangeable microphones: 2 wired and 2 anti-turbolence with flexible arms
  • 2 magnetic quick mounts: with bi-adhesive and with screw clamp
  • 2 wall chargers with USB type-C cables
Technical features
Risposta 11
Premendo il tasto centrale per 3 secondi, si udirà l'avvertimento sonoro corrispondente alla modalità Mesh.
Risposta 10
Premendo il tasto centrale 3 secondi si sceglie la funzione desiderata; il dispositivo restituirà il messaggio “Radio FM”, si potrà scegliere la frequenza desiderata premendo i tasti SU o GIU'. Premendo velocemente il tasto centrale si riprende o si interrompe l'ascolto.
Risposta 9
Tenere premuto il tasto centrale fino ad ottenere luce rossa fissa, poi aprire il la funzione Bluetooth nel telefono e premere tasto volume - dell’interfono per abbinare il telefono secondario
Risposta 8
Con gli smartphone Android e IOS, con il navigatore GPS delle principali marche e con il TFT delle principali case motociclistiche
Domanda 11
Come si attiva la modalità Mesh?
Domanda 10
Come si attiva la funzione radio FM?
Domanda 9
Come si abbina ad un telefono secondario?
Domanda 8
Con quali altri dispositivi si può abbinare?
Bluetooth Connection
Automatic gain control
GPS in background
2 mobile connections
Intercom one to one
Up to 4 people in bluetooth one to one conversation
Intercom Conference
Mesh Dynamic Repeat: 6 riders talking - 99 riders listening - up to 3.5km Mesh Conference: 10 riders talking - 99 riders listening - up to 1.4 km
Helmet compatibility
100% compatible
Intercom distance
Mesh Dynamic Repeat: Up to 3.5km Mesh Conference: Up to 1.4km
Vocal announcement
Battery last
Up to 23h in Bluetooth mode - Up tp 15h in mesh mode
Talk to all
Yes IPX6
FM Radio
Yes with RDS
Programmable via PC