BA 21 Earpiece Microphone 2 Pin Kenwood

Code: C1298

BA21 is a special earpiece designed to rest comfortably on the ear, featuring a high-performance speaker. Its design does not completely block the auditory field, allowing the surrounding sounds to be perceived. The ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort and enhanced hygiene, minimizing discomfort during use. The earpiece fits securely on the ear, providing stability during all sports activities or jobs that pose a high safety risk due to working conditions (e.g., working at heights on scaffolding, construction on scaffolds, crane or tower maintenance, work on roofs or external ladders). Equipped with a height adjustment mechanism, it can be used on both the right and left ear for a personalized experience.

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BA 21 Earpiece Microphone 2 Pin Kenwood
What's in the box
  • Earpiece microphone
  • PTT
  • 2 Pin jack
Technical features
Dimension HxWxD
4x9x19 cm
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