What are the most useful accessories for Midland intercoms?

1 June 2023
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For over 60 years, our goal has been to make communication on the move simple, fast, immediate, and safe. That's why all our lines of motorcycle intercoms reflect these values, and in addition, to ease of use, we also guarantee a long life for every device.

How do we achieve this?

Through our wide range of accessories and spare parts, and thanks to our 100% Italian support, which provides assistance to our customers with a maximum response time of 48 hours.

Today, communications are moving at an increasingly faster pace, and very often technological tools become almost "disposable." However, at Midland, we have chosen a different path: we know the needs of motorcyclists, and ensuring a long life for intercoms through the development of a range of accessories and spare parts tailored to your needs is crucial to us. 

If you already own a Midland intercom or if you are considering purchasing one, you may have wondered what are the most useful accessories that best meet your needs.

In this article, we want to give you some tips on choosing accessories for your Midland motorcycle intercom!

Navigating motorcycle intercom accessories


Let's start with a premise: many motorcyclists own more than one helmet (which they can interchange depending on the season or type of ride) and some even have multiple motorcycles. Therefore, the first necessity for those who own an intercom is to be able to use it on all the helmets they wear during the motorcycle season.

If you own a Rush RCF or a bt r1 advanced, you can purchase the second helmet kit.

The second helmet kit includes all the necessary accessories to correctly install your Midland intercom on the second helmet, and it comes with:

  • 2 RCF Audio Experience speakers

  • 2 RCF protein leather ear cushions

  • 2 speaker spacers

  • 1 wired microphone

  • 1 boom microphone

  • 1 magnetic mounting base

  • 1 double-sided adhesive mounting base

  • 1 clamp mounting base. 

If, on the other hand, you need to replace parts that have been damaged, broken, or lost, there are accessories and spare parts available for every component: mounts, speakers, microphones, and cables. Additionally, we have developed accessories that make your communication on the move easier and safer, such as smartphone holders to be installed on the motorcycle handlebars, USB chargers, and power supplies, and the new Midland Led Headlights.

Audio Accessories

Let's start with accessories for audio components, including kits that comprise:

  • speakers;

  • wired and boom microphones (to ensure universal compatibility);

  • mounting and fixing bases.

Each kit has specific compatibility with your intercom model, so you can first check on our website which kit is suitable for your model. 

There are also replacements for individual components, such as the RCF Audio Kit Hi Fi (which we will talk about shortly), the speaker kit that includes 2 pieces, a single speaker, a single wired or boom microphone, USB cable, Velcro, and microphone sponges.

Moreover, there are specific products that can be used outside of your motorcycle trips, such as professional noise-canceling headphones with attachments for various intercom and boom microphone models. 

RCF Audio Kit Hi Fi


The RCF Hi Fi audio kit is a product developed to provide motorcyclists with a new audio experience: more immersive, yet not isolating.

The audio pads, developed in partnership with RCF, ensure Hi-Fi sound quality and great comfort when integrated into the helmet. The result is clear and clean sound even in conditions with significant background noise, while not isolating the rider from external sounds to ensure maximum safety on the road.

The RCF Audio kit is compatible with the BT Pro, BT Pro S, BTR, and BT Mini models and is already included in the purchase package of the R Line intercoms (BTR1 Advanced and Rush RCF). For other models, it is optional.

Intercom Mounting Accessories

Regarding the mounting of the intercom to the helmet, there are several accessories available that facilitate installation depending on the intercom model and the individual needs of the motorcyclist.

For the R Line, the Magnetic Mount is available, which is a magnetic mounting system, as well as the mounting kit with a double-sided adhesive base and a clamp base.

For the BT Pro line, options include the mounting base with and without a stoplight, the double-sided adhesive base, and the helmet mounting kit.

Finally, for the BT Mini, there is adhesive support available. 

Other Midland Accessories for Your Intercom

Midland intercoms can be configured and personalized through the BTPRO SetUp app, but that's not all. With the BT TALK app, you can create groups with your fellow bikers and exchange voice messages. To do all this, the support of a smartphone is required, which, especially during riding, needs to be securely held in place to ensure the safety of the rider and passengers.

Handlebar mounts for smartphones are therefore increasingly important accessories for any biker who wants to communicate on the move, but also, for example, follow a GPS track or listen to the radio. Among all the Midland branded holders, the new MH - NV (non-vibrations) series has been specifically designed to absorb micro-vibrations generated by the moving engine, thus preventing damage to the smartphone camera lens glass.

This is an optimal solution to ensure a long life for your phone!

Midland PRO Speaker Evo Bluetooth Helmet Intercom


The new partnership with Caberg, a historic Italian brand of motorcycle helmets, has allowed us to create an integrated intercom that preserves the helmet's design.

Midland PRO Speaker Evo is the integrated solution, compatible with all Caberg helmets, from full-face to modular helmets (touring, as well as enduro and maxi enduro), not forgetting jet helmets, catering to the needs of every motorcyclist.  

The integrated Midland PRO Speaker Evo intercom offers several advantages:

  • it is invisible, so it does not alter the helmet's design because its components (control unit, microphone, speakers, and USB port) are hidden inside the shell;

  • due to its hidden design, it benefits aerodynamics;

  • you can be certain that the intercom is perfectly compatible with installation on your helmet;

  • it is compliant with the new ECE 22.06 regulation.

This intercom is designed for simple and intuitive rider-passenger communication

It is an all-in-one solution with a range of up to 200 meters in full-duplex mode, allowing you to talk to the passenger, listen to music, and handle phone calls, all with the DPS noise suppression system.

With the Universal Intercom feature, you can communicate with intercoms from any brand, and it is compatible with the integrated connectivity and control systems of major motorcycle manufacturers.

The battery, with a duration of 8 hours, makes it perfect for long trips, and it can be recharged via a USB-C port in a maximum of 2 hours.

Midland PRO Speaker Evo is very easy to use, thanks to its two multifunction buttons. This minimizes the actions required by the rider and passenger during the ride, ensuring maximum freedom and safety while on the move.

It comes with all the necessary components and accessories for mounting, including:

  • intercom;

  • wired microphone;

  • boom microphone;

  • charging cable;

  • replacement microphone sponge;

  • velcro pads for speaker and microphone attachment.

Midland PRO Speaker Evo is an Italian project designed to ensure your safety during your travels, provide maximum ease of use, and deliver a high-level communication experience.