The perfect communication kits for every off-road lover

26 October 2022
NEWS kit offroad

Are you an off-road lover, but don't know how to choose the CB radio? We have created two special kits to make your decision easier: 

If you are a demanding off-roader, we recommend the CB 4x4 kit for maximum performance, while if you prefer an easy and effective DIY installation, we recommend the CB Off-road Kit.

The CB is a radio waves transceiver through which it is possible to talk and exchange information with other travelers in any area, even the most remote. In fact, the signal is always guaranteed thanks to the antenna located above the vehicle.

That's why, thanks to the CB transceiver, you'll always be able to talk to your fellow adventurers: in the woods, in the desert or in the mountains.

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The CB 4x4 Kit

The CB 4x4 kit includes a CB radio (M-Mini USB), an antenna with a swivel connection (Lux 1500 S), a fixing bracket for the antenna and a connector/adapter. The strengths of this kit is undoubtedly the resistance and the performance.


The Off-road Kit

The CB Off-road Kit includes the M-Mini USB radio and the new RV65 glass antenna. The strength of this kit is the ease of installation, which becomes possible without modifying the bodywork.


The CB M Mini USB

The CB M-Mini USB is one of the easiest to use Midland radio: to power it, simply connect it to the cigarette lighter socket using the power cable included in the package. On the front of the radio there is a USB socket designed for charging all the devices needed during the trip: smartphones, tablets, etc.

The aluminum chassis makes this device robust and proof of any unbeaten path.

With a power of 4W and 40 AM/FM channels available, the M-Mini USB is perfect for those who are starting to approach the world of CB radios for the first time. In addition, this CB is multiband, it reaches the main European frequency bands (the selectable frequency bands: I, I2, D4, EU, EC, PL, UK, IN) and a new 27 CH “International” admitted in Italy and in most EU countries. The Squelch mode is double: on 9 and 28 levels and this CB has the 9/19 emergency channel.

Here are the features that complete this CB transceiver: the removable microphone with RJ45 socket, the LCD display with S-Meter, the adjustable reception attenuator (RF gain) and on the back the socket for the external speaker.


The Lux 1500S Antenna

The LUX 1500 S antenna guarantees off-roader the highest level of performance. The base of the antenna is equipped with a waveguide capable of emitting light when crossed by radio frequency. In this way, the antenna lights up automatically when the radio is transmitted, also signaling the correct operation of the device. 

The lux 1500 S is waterproof and does not require any power supply: the joint is anti-theft and anti-injury. Once locked, it is in fact possible to remove the appropriate handle, thus making it impossible to unlock the antenna and remove it undesired.


The RV65 Antenna

The RV65 antenna allows you to perform a simple and quick installation on your vehicle, thanks to the possibility of being installed directly on the glass with a super resistant 3M adhesive. Thanks to this possibility, it is no longer necessary to pierce the bodywork and invest money and time in the installation.


If you are interested in buying a complete communication kit to install on your off-road vehicle, take a look at our kits designed for off-road lovers. With these products, selected directly by our team, you will have excellent performance with a minimum installation effort. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Choose the CB 4x4 kit for maximum performance or choose the CBOff-road kit for quick and easy installation.

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