The New Dash Cam for Truckers: the Midland Truck Guardian Pro

20 February 2023
Truck Guardian Pro

Are you a truck driver and looking for a dash cam to help you while maneuvering? We have been supporting you truckers for years, not only with the supply of CB radios, but also with the supply of dash cams. 

That's why our efforts have been focused on creating a new product: the Truck Guardian Pro.

TRUCK GUARDIAN PRO Monitor and Camera.jpg

What is a dash cam used for?

A dash cam is a road camera that is usually attached with a suction cup to the windshield of a car, truck, RV, or cab and recharges with a cigarette lighter socket. The camera records everything that happens outside the vehicle and in some cases inside as well. By videotaping everything that happens inside and outside the passenger compartment, it is possible not only to testify to cause and liability in case of an accident, but also to protect the motorist in case of fraud. In fact, it is often possible to keep the camera active not only during the journey but also during stops.

The evolution of the Truck Guardian Wireless

The Truck Guardian Pro is the evolution of the Dash Cam most used by truckers. This road camera was created to support truckers during their work: an extra eye both during maneuvers and while traveling. In fact, after the success of the first version (Truck Guardian Wireless), we decided to make this Dash Cam even better performing: monitor with improved resolution for sharper images, antenna shorter by 10 cm to ensure greater comfort, more compact camera, improved night vision and doubled coverage between monitor and camera.

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Strengths of the Truck Guardian Pro

The new Truck Guardian Pro, in addition to having all the features that distinguish a good dashcam, is also designed to help drivers when reversing and maneuvering. The camera, equipped with 18 infrared LEDs, provides night vision, which is essential for those who frequently travel at night.

In addition, compared with the previous model, the coverage between monitor and cameras has doubled: this ensures good image reception even if, in cases of cargo surveillance, the camera is placed in armored environments such as containers.

The Truck Guardian Pro serves as an excellent tool for both internal and external trailer surveillance.

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What you will find inside the kit

Truck Guardian Pro kit includes:

  • A 7'' monitor with 1080p resolution that provides crisp, clear images

  • A single antenna that provides an aesthetic improvement over the previous version and a convenient compactness of the monitor

  • Push buttons on the monitor to avoid inconvenience due to accidental touching

  • A small, compact and easy-to-install camera

  • Infrared LEDs for night vision

  • A long, jack-free power cord.

Technical features of the Truck Guardian Pro


  • Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz

  • Wireless at 200m

  • 12 or 24V power supply

  • 7" TFT LCD HD monitor

  • Cyclic recording of video footage

  • Ability to rotate and mirror the image (depending on how the camera is installed)

  • Ability to view full screen, half screen or time the installed cameras

  • Automatic camera matching

  • Supports simultaneous viewing and recording of up to 4 cameras

  • Supports SD card up to 128GB

  • Supply voltage from 10 to 30V

TRUCK GUARDIAN PRO Monitor 3_4.jpg


  • 2.4GHz operating frequency

  • Viewing angle 100°

  • 18 IR leds for night illumination

  • IP 69K certification

  • Automatic pairing with monitor 


So, if you are looking for a Dash Cam that guarantees, not only safety along the journey, but also practical support during maneuvers, buy Truck Guardian Pro now: the kit designed to facilitate every maneuver and monitor every type of trailer.