The hunting season is about to begin: discover the perfect two-way radios for you

16 September 2022
G13 Blaze

The hunting season has just started! Are you ok with your equipment?

For every hunting enthusiast, it is essential to start the season with the best equipment to improve your performance and make your hunting trips more fun.

This year we decided to meet the hunters’ needs: thanks to the orange color it will be easier to recognize the walkie talkies in the middle of nature without losing the tool and making themselves more visible to companions.

CT590 S - Blaze

The amateur radio CT590 S Blaze, already available on our site, is a latest-generation dual band. Simple to use, equipped with many functions and features, robust and reliable, this radio operates on the VHF 144-146 MHz and UHF 430-440MHz frequency bands and is equipped with 128 storable channels. An amateur radio operator's license is required to use this radio.


The radio is equipped with a flashlight for night lighting, an 87.5-108MHz FM radio receiver, 50 CTCSS tones and 208 DCS codes that allow you to create “sub-channels” to be able to communicate in a small group of people.

Customize your identifier (ANI-ID) and send it during transmission (PTT-ID). Program your radio thanks to the optional PRG-10 programming software: set and customize the number of channels, frequency, etc.

At a Glance

If you want excellent communication over long distances, choose the CT590 S!

CT590 S Blaze In Use 25.jpg

G13 - Blaze

The G13 is the radio par excellence dedicated to the world of hunting. 


A reliable, long-lasting transceiver, able to always allow you to report your presence in the shooting area. This radio is easy to use with its touch-sensitive control layout, a large display and the two main knobs (the large one for channel change, the small one for volume control and the On/Off) .

At a Glance

The G13 radio is also water resistant thanks to IPX4 and is equipped with a sound response with a quality standard well above average.

Don't miss the Blaze version on our site at the end of September!

G13 Blaze In Use 28.jpg

XT50 - Blaze

24 PMR446 channels, 38 CTCSS tones, communications up to 8 km and 12 hours of battery life are just some of the features that make the Midland XT50 walkie-talkie a true jewel of free radio communications.


The freedom of the LPD frequencies and the power of the PMR446 make the XT50 a practical communication system, simple to use but at the same time performing beyond the standards of normal walkie-talkies amateurs. 

At a Glance

Communicate freely, without a license, on different bands and frequencies, so as to never run out of coverage within a radius of 8 km.

Ready to communicate freely and powerfully?

Don't miss the new Blaze version coming to our site in September!

XT50 Blaze.jpg


Complete your equipment with earphones designed to communicate hands-free and respond with a single and quick click.

The BA21 headset microphone is ergonomic and comfortable, equipped with a 2-pin “L” socket and an extremely robust cable for professional use.


Discover all our earphones and complete your equipment for the hunting season.

We have always been attentive to the quality of the products and in particular of the accessories. A team of professionals, researchers, engineers, consultants and firmware and hardware designers with many years of experience in communications, makes up our internal R&D division.

Don't miss out on the best of design and technology at the service of your passions!

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