Sgrumatori Seriali: a group of Italian boys united by a passion for off-road

11 August 2022
Sgrumatori Seriali

“The real home of the Sgrumatori is where the rivers flow impetuously, where the dust rises silently, where the call of eagles echoes...”

Sgrumatori Seriali

If you love ford the rivers with your vehicle, if you love looking for dirt paths full of obstacles and if you love off-road, you've come to the right page!

Be inspired by the history and equipment of the Sgrumatori Seriali, a group of Italian boys united by a passion for off-road.

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Who are the Sgrumatori Seriali? 

Sgrumatori Seriali is a group of crazy friends who have known each other since they were young. The desire for trips out of town, led us to choose the 4-wheel drive. Each of us sold the common daily car for a very ignorant and smelly off-road vehicle.

When and how was this name born?

A few years ago, in the middle of a valley on the Asiago plateau, our friend shouted “Let's go Sgrumare!!”. The enlightenment came to us: from that moment on we would become the Sgrumatori Seriali. 

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Where does your passion for off-road come from? 

The passion for the world of engines has overwhelmed us from an early age. You know, big cars fascinate and we were enchanted by the big notched tires.

We started with the enduro and then bought various off-road vehicles ready to be properly arranged and rearranged!

What is the next trip you have planned?  

The next scheduled trip will not be off-road, but it will be overlanding

Some of us will leave for Corsica, others will tour the island of Elba and others will prefer Croatia.

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How did you get to know our company? Which Midland products do you use?

We all remember that as children Midland was the brand we read on the radio in our grandfather's garage or in our father's truck without knowing what it was.  

Years later, some still crave the Alan 48, others have managed to buy it. Midland is a famous name in the industry; the Alan 48 is a classic tool, some of us dreamed of having it for a long time.  

Some have succeeded in the work; let's face it.. on the Chevy the Alan 48 is a must. Others, having more recent vehicles, have preferred products such as the M Mini or the Alan 42 DS

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What do you think are the best characteristics of our CBs and antennas?

In the first place we certainly put versatility and ease of installation. Anyone, equipped and with basic knowledge, can install a CB on their vehicle, even in their home garden.

Which Midland product should every offroader have? 

The radio for listening to music can be easily replaced by the Midland 88, installed on the vehicle's original 1 DIN housing.

If you combine a portable CT 990, off-road trips with friends become walks in the neighborhood park!!

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