Riko: a passion for airsoft that has lasted for more than 10 years

17 September 2021
Riko Airsoft

Today’s Midland Ambassadors post is dedicated to @riko_airsoft. Riko is a 27-year-old guy from Ferrara, Italy with a strong passion for airsoft. To communicate with his team, Riko initially chose the G7 Pro walkie talkie, and then he completed his equipment with other Midland products.

Who is hiding behind @riko_airsoft?

Behind Riko is hiding... Riko, in fact, I don't play any character, as you can see in the videos all you can see is me. 

My name is Riccardo, born artist in the soul in '94. I have always been a very curious person with the desire to try a lot of different things like simple home activities and the most particular sports.

I love design in all its forms and by design I mean everything that has a specific functionality combined with a certain aesthetic; from furniture to accessories, up to everything related to personal airsoft equipment.


When and how did your passion for airsoft start?

I got to know airsoft as randomly as possible, exactly in the summer of 2011 when I still didn't know what I wanted to do in life.

One day a couple of friends asked me to go to a fair in my city, Ferrara. It was a very varied fair, with food, comics, video games and so on, including airsoft. At this fair, after seeing booths of all kinds, I came across this pavilion dedicated to airsoft and I got very curious, also because I played a lot of `shooter videogames at that time and the first thing I thought was: “Wow, it’s like Call of Duty!”

From that moment on, a love, a passion, a job was born. And who would have thought that.

How did your passion for walkie-talkies come about and why did you choose Midland?

After purchasing the basic Airsoft equipment and finding the right team to play, it's time to choose the right communication device.

Driven by some friends and by the trend of the moment I bought the Midland G7 Pro, the most famous among softgunners. It is the classic best buy, with a good value for money, suitable for starting the airsoft adventure and being able to stay in touch with your companions.

Midland has always given me confidence, even more so when I discovered that the headquarters were in Italy, not too far from my home! 

Which Midland product do you think every player should have with them?

It is quite difficult to answer this question because every player has different needs, both in terms of radio power and type of headset and microphone; there are really all types and understanding what's right for us is never that simple.

Radio aside, the product I recommend most to be able to hear and be heard is the BOW-M EVO, a perfect combination of size and sound quality, which can be easily adapted to hats and helmets . It is the faithful companion I have used the most during my journey as an airsoft player.


Do you want to get to know Riko's Instagram adventures up close?

Follow him: www.instagram.com/riko_airsoft/