Riding reduces stress, science says

30 January 2020
Riding reduces stress, science says

Riding a motorcycle increases brain concentration and relieves stress, science says.

Two studies, carried in few years, confirm it.

Let’s have a look at their analysis.


Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, a neurological expert at Tohoku University in Japan and sponsored by Yamaha Motors, has proved that the prefrontal cortex activity of the brain - related to memory, concentration and information processing - increases significantly when traveling by motorbike.

How did he obtain these results?

Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, together with his team, recorded the brain signals of circa 40 daily riders and “former” ones (a 10-year stop).

The research have shown that, under riding circumstances, the brain processes a large amount of spatial information and exercise control in order to keep the balance on the vehicle.


In 2019, Harley Davidson asked some UCLA experts, in California, to properly assess whether riding on two wheels have some effects on wellbeing or not.

Dr Vaughn, the head of the équipe, analyzed the brain activities and hormone levels of a pool of participants under three conditions: on the motorcycle, while driving a car, at rest.

So? Is riding a meditation session?

Well, apparently yes. According to the research, the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, drop by 28% when traveling. At the same time, the attention and heart rate slightly rise (respectively by 27% and 11%) as when doing exercise.

Vaughn himself declares: "This could be significant for mitigating everyday stresses."

"Nothing new under the sun" - you may say. A true rider have known it for years. Now science too.